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2.2 Lighting

  • Is the lighting sufficient? <br>Are any lights cracked or dirty?<br>Sample of lights out %

2.3 Plant hygiene facilities

  • Toilets, wash facilities, crib rooms, food prep areas.<br>Are they clean, adequate, equipment well maintained - microwave, ice machine etc?

2.4 aisles/storage demarcation

  • Floors demarcated and clear for fire equipment?<br>Floor clean, free from obstruction and slip hazards?

2.5 stacking and storage

  • Same stacking area for safe storage<br>heavy items correctly stored?<br>Hydrocarbon and chemical stored within an appropriate bund or chemical cupboard

2.6 waste removal system

  • Sufficient bins and lids?<br>Is waste being segregated?<br>Are bins adequately labelled?<br>Are bins regularly emptied?

Plant, pipelines and control lights

  • Color coding on labels and lights<br>is there evidence of pipes leaking, including gas and air lines?<br>Drains free from sediment and blockages?

3.1 Machine guarding

  • Tool rests are set correctly on bench grinder?<br>Electrical cabinets locked?<br>Guards on rotating equipment?<br>Gen sets and portable machines out the workshop are on spill trays or bunds<br>conveyors have sufficient guarding in place and secure

3.2 tag/lockout system/usage

  • Equipment correctly tagged if out of service?<br>Isolations on work in area are correct?

3.3 labeling of switches, isolators and valves

  • Sample equipment in area for correct labels - electrical switches, ball valves etc

3.4 ladders, stairs and scaffolds

  • Are ladders/handrails in good condition, kick boards, rails etc.<br>Scaffold tagged ?<br>Sample equipment for quarterly inspection tags?

3.5 lifting gear

  • Sample safety harnesses at the workshop for inspection tags and condition<br>sample lifting gear for inspection tags and condition

3.6 compressed gases

  • Same oxy/acetylene equipment for quarterly inspection tags and condition<br>cylinders correctly stored/chained

3.8 mobile equipment - operation and competency

  • Sample daily checks in area, all available equipment, LV and HV <br>condition of vehicles including first aid kit and spill kits

3.10/15 electrical equipment

  • Sample condition of electrical appliances and for test tags<br>electrical switches intact<br>switches, isolators and valves marked<br>welders have VRDs fitted

3.16 hand and dangerous tools

  • Sample tools found in area for condition and suitability<br>compressed air lines and tools have couplings connection with hose clips

3.18 confined spaces

  • Spaces clearly labelled, signs ok?<br>Areas not signposted with possible confined space risks

3.21 notices and signs

  • Signs to standard<br>PPE requirements sign, hazard and warning signs visible<br>suitability of signs. Does it work? Too many, too few?<br>Have signs faded<br>

3.23-3.31 PPE

  • Are hand, hearing and eye protection readily available? Restock if required.<br>Lens cleaning station stocked<br>

4.1 emergency planning

  • Emergency plans displayed or required <br>are names of fire wardens, HSE reps and emergency numbers displayed<br>are muster points clear and accessible

4.2 first aid facilities

  • Are first aid kits available?<br>Access to box clear and easily accessible?<br>Contents checked and restocked if required?<br>Defibrilators - green light tick present<br>oxygen cylinders >3/4 full<br>

4.4 fire fighting equipment

  • Randomly sample equipment in the area<br>extinguishers clearly labelled<br>inspection tags current<br>list those checked

  • Identifications and access<br><br>Extinguishers and hydrants clear from obstructions <br>plastic protective bags fitted?<br>Flooring and walls color coded with red and white stripes to display fire extinguisher location

5.5 hazardous substances/chemicals (including hydrocarbons)

  • Hazardous lockers - are containers in good condition, doors self closing, chemicals stored correctly, labelled correctly<br>storage area free from spills and leaks<br>no unmarked containers<br>no pollution or spills<br>MSDS available at storage location<br><br>

  • Flush safety showers for 30 secs<br>check temperature, color of water and water pressure

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