Is there a tablet in the vehicle?

Are the contents on the tablet current?

1. Turn on tablet 2. Open My Files 3. Open AA Prasinus Folder 4. Open QMS-PMGT-009 5. Last date listed on Register?
Safe Work Method Statement/Site Risk Assessment (JSA)

Is a completed SWMS & JSA available onsite

Has the JSA beein signed & dated daily

Does the JSA address pedestrian safety?

Does the JSA address vehicle safety?

Does the JSA address plant safety?

Are Environmental risks included in the JSA?

Has a Toolbox session taken place?

Has the Traffic/Pedestrian Management Plan been identified/created and available on site?

Have the Traffic Management Contractors been inducted onto the site and signed onto the JSA

Work Permits

Is a permit on issue for this work?

Are all permits recipients authorised?

Is the permit appropriate for the work?

Does the permit adequately cover the work?

If applicable are Access authorities (eg. EAP, SFT, VA, NWA) available for reference?

Are appropriate barriers and safety boards for ‘Alive’ & ‘Out Of Service’ equipment erected for job?

Tasks Skills

Does the work group have the necessary skills?

Are all personnel licensed and carrying Passports?

Are Passports stamped with appropriate refresher training and authorities for the works being undertaken?

Manual Handling

Have the manual handling hazards been identified?

Are personnel aware of the manual handling hazards?

Are manual handling aids available?

Are the manual handling aids in an adequate condition?

License Authorities

Are all plant operators licensed or authorised?

Are logbooks available for all plant on site?

Have the logbooks been maintained appropriately?

Personnel Protective Equipment

Is wrist to ankle coverage maintained?

Are approved overalls/worksuits worn?

Is safety footwear in use by all personnel?

Are reflective vests in use by all personnel not wearing hi-vis clothing?

Is hearing protection worn?

Is eye protection worn?

Are appropriate gloves worn?

Are hard hats worn?

Are hard hats within due date?

Is Pole belt/safety harness worn?

Is the safety apparel in an adequate condition?

Dangerous Goods

Which, if any, chemicals are in use?

Are there any MSDS available for the chemical?

Are any hazardous materials and dangerous goods separately stored & labelled?

Are MSDS Sheets less than 5 years old from date of issue?

Are the controls being used adequate?

Is a Sharps Kit available on site?


Are environmental risks identified & controlled?

Are there erosion controls in place?

Are the controls effective?

Are there sediment controls in place?

Are the controls effective?

Are there spills and leaks controls in place?

Are the controls effective?

Is a spill kit available?

Is the spill kit clearly labelled?

Fire Hazards/Procedures

Are there any hot work restrictions?

Have the restrictions been complied with?

Is a hot work permit required?

Has the hot work permit been issued and available on site?

Is Bushfire mitigation equipment available (i.e. knapsack, rakes permit)?

Are Fire extinguishers within Test Date (6 monthly)?

Tools & Equipment: Testing & Condition

Are all electrical tools and PETE items within their test date range?

Is the electric tooling in an adequate condition?

Is the any lifting/hauling tackle in use in an adequate condition & within test date?

Are any ladders in use in an adequate condition?

Is all test equipment in an adequate condition & within its calibration range?

Are the gas bottles in an adequate condition and within test date?

Is there a stocked First Aid kit available on site?

Is the First aid kit in an adequate condition & contents within use by date?

CPR face mask sighted?

Eye Wash Expiry Date?

Contents list Sighted?

Traffic & Pedestrian Management

Has the appropriate Traffic & Pedestrian Management Plan been identified, and does it meet Prasinus’ or the Road Manager’s requirements?

Does the traffic/pedestrian layout reflect the Traffic/Pedestrian Management Plan?

Is pedestrian traffic safely controlled through the worksite?

Are traffic signs and devices legible, undamaged and placed in accordance with the code?

Is adequate guidance provided to drivers, using cones, barricades, and signs etc to safely negotiate the worksite?

Are suitable barriers provided to protect the public from the work site?

Where site is to be left overnight, are adequate protection measures lighting & night guidance provided?

Are all personnel working on the road reserve wearing high visibility PPE or safety vests correctly?

Is there appropriate identification on contractor vehicles?


Are all vehicles on site registered?

Are all vehicles/plant within their service range (sticker prominently displayed)?

Are EWP weight and electrical test certificates / stickers current?

What is the condition of the vehicles/plant on site (cleanliness)?

Is all equipment carried adequately secured?

Are wheel chocks available and in serviceable condition? (Heavy Plant only)

Does the vehicle have a spare tyre and is it in serviceable condition? (excludes EWP)


Are injury/incident/hazard reports available?

Are motor vehicle accident reports available?

Are plant damage/incident reports available?

Is a copy of the Green Book available?

Is the job file available on site?

Does the job file contain a Works/Instruction/job file checklist?

Does the job file contain – JSA?

Does the job file contain – Dial before You Dig?

Does the job file contain – Material list?

Does the job file contain – Design drawings?

Does the job file contain – Job location?

Does the job file contain – Work instructions?

Does the job file contain – Switching Instructions?

Worksite/Work Practices

Has the work site been left clean & top soil/seed spread?

All rubbish has been picked up?


Operating instructions clear and concise, including all relevant diagrams?

Operators equipment has current test certificates:
HV Sticks, Gloves, Sleeves, Mats & Modiewark

Standard operating procedures have been followed. e.g. Gloves, Sleeves, PPB etc. Earthing Practices.

All required Earth & Short Circuits have been connected including on site earths.

Cluster bars have been used

Approved earthing devices have been used

All Mechanical Earth switches have closed.

All Isolation points locked and / or tagged including secondary isolations (Where applicable).

All appropriate warning tags, barriers and signs have been erected correctly.

Access authority completed correctly and issued in a clear and concise manner

All members of the work group have signed onto the appropriate access authority and are fully aware of the apparatus covered, limits of the permit, precautions taken and nearest live apparatus.

All relevant authorities have been issued is, EAP, LVIBS, PTW, SFT, SCAP, SILV, CA, VA etc.


Operating instructions clear and concise, including all relevant diagrams.

All Initial LV bonders have been installed.

All onsite LV bonders have been installed.

All Isolation points locked and tagged.

LVIBS issued and all members of the work party have signed on.

General Comments

Vehicles Audited
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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.