Indicate that the item has been checked/verified for compliance by inserting your detailed observation comment or by noting “N/A” as appropriate (indicate by number in the “comments” column if comments are recorded at the end of the report).
Observation = 1 point
Minor Nonconformance = 5 points
Major Nonconformance = 20 points (Safety)
Major Nonconformance = 10 points (Other)

Work completed to Work Specification (Unit Description) with consideration for description inclusions


Pole/CAMM Numbers Installed

HV UG cable ID installed

Pole sizes in accordance with construction drawings

Pole - Correctly installed to Standards, e.g. Depth & Straight

Pole - Correctly Dressed to relevant drawing number & Neat

Pole – excess soil removed around hole

Concrete Poles Earthed to relevant standards

Surface Logs 300mm Depth

Stays Installed as per Work Instructions. Stay installed to ensure correct rod depth. Tail removed

Stay lock nut tight against thimble and Rod thread burred correctly

Length of rod remaining above ground must be less than 300mm

Stay bracket installation, to relevant Drawing No. Bracket tongue installed, if applicable

Stay warning tube secured (tied off)


Washers Installed - Conical/Spring

Phase Plates & Neutral Plates and Tags fitted where required

Correct crossarm construction

Crossarm correct size

No tails on HV ties

Vibration damper clear (by hand width) of helical termination/armour rods, if applicable

Armour rods fitted if applicable

All hardware bonded together. Wood Pole construction only.


Correct conductor size/type installed

Correct conductor terminations and fittings installed.

Conductor tails to the correct length


Correct Fusing as per relevant Standards Table or Work Instructions

LV earth Installed to Standard. Earth cable covered to first pin and installed to correct depth.

Transformer Earthing Correct connections used M type connectors.

Transformer square on pole

Minimum bending radius of HV droppers maintained.
1 bracket installed on short leads 2 brackets installed on long leads

Correct Size LV Leads to Standard minimum requirements - Neat & Tidy

Circuit labels installed

Appropriate Warning Signs Fitted where applicable and at the correct height 1.8m high

LV earth break 2.7m high, if applicable

Cables fastened at maximum 1m intervals

Possum Guard fitted (cleats) & correct height SWER 2.0m other 1.8m to bottom / Earth Cover Strips Fitted to 2.7m


Construction Completed to Standard Design


Pole/stay retirements – removed old pole and stay rod - hole backfilled and compacted.


General Site Condition Cleaned up and rubbish removed from site

Reinstatement Completed

Work Instruction requirements completed.

Discrepancies in Work Instruction noted.


Neutral Plates and Tags fitted

Correct/ Undamaged Termination fitting used for cable type.

Service cable separation >25mm from conductive equipment

Cable support brackets used

Correct connectors used on overhead conductors

Service Insulation in good condition

Pole box cover fitted correctly


Neutral Tags fitted

Correct/Undamaged Termination fitting used for cable type.

Service cable separation >25mm from conductive equipment

Service Insulation in good condition

Box cover fitted correctly

Drip loop <250mm

Access to POA clear

POA bracket fitted correctly

Drip loop not behind bracket, eg will not catch on metal if service drops free from attachment


POA - minimum 3.0m and > 6.0m

Centre or Carriageway of road or any part of freeway, primary road or highway - minimum 5.5m

Any part of secondary road or collector road - minimum 4.9m

Any part of any other road - minimum 4.6m

Over any part of a driveway - minimum 4.6m

Over other ground traversable by vehicles - minimum 4.6m

Elsewhere not traversable by a vehicle - minimum 3.0m

Over a structure on which a person cannot stand, eg sign, blank wall, fence - minimum 100mm

Over a structure not normally accessible but on which a person can stand, eg carport, verandah - minimum 100mm

Over a structure normally accessible to persons, eg balcony - minimum 2.7m


Size of joint hole

Weather protection

Obstacles in work area


Pole / CAMM numbers installed


Neutral plates and tags fitted

Correct / undamaged termination fittings used for cable type.

Service cable separation >25mm from conductive equipment.

Cable support brackets used.

Correct connectors used on overhead conductors

Service installation in good condition

Pole box cover fitted correctly.

Pole size / depth correct (not slip base or frangible)


Pole / CAMM numbers installed


Cable protected at pole entry point

Correct connection at base of pole

Pole earthed correctly.

Pole access door correctly fitted.

Neutral tags fitted.

Correct cable size / connection.

Pole installed at correct depth.

Correct pole termination.

Pole size / depth correct.


Correct head installed

Head installed at correct height:
Head height, 80W min 7.5m/ Head height, 125W min 7.5m/ Head height, 150W min 9.0m/ Head height, 250W min 10.0m

Correct bracket and installed correctly

Clearance between bracket and conductors:
66kV - 150mm from metal parts/ 22kV - 1200mm from metal parts

Clearance between insulated stay and conductors:
66kV – 750mm from fibreglass stay/ 22kV – 450mm from fibreglass stay

Correct PE size / Correct globe size.

LV ABC light installed above conductors

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