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HSF04a Checklist

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  • Fire escape doors and routes clear of obstructions and well lit

  • Fire doors kept closed, operational and in good condition

  • Fire extinguishers provided where necessary, accessible, not discharged and maintained

  • Clear access to dry risers, call points and alarm panel

  • Combustibles stored in containers away from the building - not accumulating in voids

  • No electrical hazards, e.g. exposed live terminals

  • Fire alarms checked weekly and any remedial work completed

  • Emergency lighting checked and functioning

  • Fire panel free from obvious faults

  • Fire log available, maintenance records are up to date and remedial work completed

  • Smoke Vents, closed no damage to unit or call point

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Lifts and Escalators

  • Escalators operating and no obvious faults

  • Lifts levelling correctly, no slip/trip hazards

  • Lift alarms / telephones operating

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Internal and external pedestrian routes and stairs well lit

  • Surfaces free from holes, spillages and other slip / trip hazards

  • Entrance mats provided, maintained and free from slip trip hazards

  • All stairs checked - nosing’s intact, secure handrail, minimal debris

  • Permanent obstructions at head height or below knee level highlighted/padded.

  • Gritting arrangements are in place between Oct & April

  • First aid kits provided and fully stocked

  • Drain covers intact/in good condition, free of slip, trip, fall hazards for persons walking and in push chairs/wheelchairs

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Building Fabric

  • No loose tiles, damaged brick work, loose cladding, structural fire damage

  • Staircases, fixed ladders and fire escapes free from damage

  • Boundary fencing in sound condition no damage.

  • Glazing/windows free from damaged / broken glass

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

General Housekeeping

  • Lighting in accessible areas operating

  • No storage / stacking that could collapse or materials that could fall

  • Absence of overgrown trees, shrubs or fallen leaves, moss on paths

  • Surfaces free of excessive bird droppings

  • No obvious rat or bird activity in void areas

  • Internal routes free from accumulated debris

  • Refuse areas clean and tidy - storage is away from the building

  • Void areas are secure, i.e. locked and properly boarded up

  • Signage in place e.g. fire, crossings, speed limits, asbestos roofs etc

  • Signposts, flag poles and bolted fixings properly secured

  • No loose or unsecured posts

  • Visitor’s log being completed and identification badges are being issued

  • Welfare facilities in good condition, e.g. toilets, drinking water, changing facilities, workstations etc

  • Keys removed from on-site vehicles and other such equipment when not in use

  • Edge protection/lifebelts around deep water provided and maintained

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Car Parks and Service Areas

  • Car parks and service areas free of potholes, obstructions, spillages and debris

  • Areas well lit, any blown bulbs are listed on your defects log

  • Fire doors and exit routes free of obstruction

  • Drainage covers intact

  • Speed limit signs in place and speed humps clearly identified

  • Traffic routes free from obstructions to drivers vision

  • Barriers and gates checked and are secure, no damage to gate or securing points

  • Traffic markings / parking bays clear

  • Keys removed from compactors, on-site vehicles and other such equipment when not in use.

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Plant Rooms and Workshops

  • Plant Rooms, riser cupboards and workshops locked when not in use

  • Ventilation and lighting provided and working

  • Work equipment and materials stored safely

  • Rubber mats provided in front of control panels

  • Water tanks, sumps, pits etc. are covered

  • Noise control areas identified and ear protection provided

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Maintenance and Contractors

  • Contractors / maintenance working in a segregated area

  • Safety documentation provided and accurate, e.g. permissions, permits

  • Machinery guards are in place, e.g. lifting gear, belts, fans etc

  • Current thorough examination reports for lifting equipment available and remedial action completed.

  • Lift cards are being completed at the correct intervals and there are no recurring issues

  • Lift telephones/remote monitoring systems are operating effectively

  • Water log book available, maintenance and monitoring records up to date and remedial action completed.

  • Fire log book available, maintenance and monitoring records up to date and remedial action completed.

  • M&E log book available, maintenance and monitoring records up to date and remedial action completed.

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Roof and Falls from Height

  • Roof/tower/tank access and fixed ladders kept locked /secured.

  • Key control system working effectively

  • Free from slip/trip hazards and general debris / litter

  • Edge protection checked, in sound condition

  • Cradles/lifting gear secured to prevent unauthorised use and covered to minimise weather damage

  • No unguarded drops

  • Ladders maintained and secured to prevent unauthorised use

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Children Areas

  • Equipment, surfaces etc. clean and free from damage, spillages etc

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed

Asbestos Risk Monitoring

  • The asbestos containing materials marked and in good condition.

  • The Asbestos Register has had an update in the last twelve months

  • Spot Check

  • Date Section Completed


  • Has the time and date been checked for accuracy on the CCTV system

  • Is the CCTV system fully functional

  • Has a playback check been carried out (Once a week from footage more than 24 hours old)

  • Is there a clear line of sight from all cameras (i.e. no obstructions)

  • Is the CCTV documents and Procedure up-to-date

  • Date Section Completed

  • Spot Check


  • Any accidents have been recorded, investigated and reported to the H&S team

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  • Last month’s checklists were completed and the actions closed

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