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1.0 Grounds and Parking

  • 1.1 Drains clean, covered and unobstructed

  • 1.2 Entrances to carpark has clear sight lines to traffic entering or exiting

  • 1.3 Speed restriction signs or traffic control devices in place and legible.

  • 1.4 Roadways free of potholes and other obstacles

  • 1.5 Clearly marked car parking areas with adequate space to negotiate parking bays and to get in and out of vehicle

  • 1.6 Walkways free of trip hazards

  • 1.7 Walkways free of slip hazards

  • 1.8 Lighting in the area is adequate for night access.

  • 1.9 Support hand rails are securely fixed

  • 1.10 Gates are operating in a safe and secure manner. ie mountings are secure, close and open is an easy function, latch and lock is effective

  • 1.11 Perimeter fencing is in good repair

  • 1.12 Landscaped areas and gardens are free of rubbish and well maintained

2.0 Roof Areas

  • 2.1 Guttering functional, undamaged and free from debris and obstructions

  • 2.2 Roof are free from damage and corrosion

  • 2.3 Security and area lighting is fully operational

  • 2.4 Roof elements are structurally sound

  • 2.5 Roof access is secured and limited to authorised persons only

3.0 Walls

  • 3.1 Entry lobby walls are undamaged, clean and presentable

  • 3.2 Occupied Floors - lift lobby walls are undamaged, clean and presentable

  • 3.3 External walls are undamaged, no graffiti, clean and presentable

  • 3.4 Entry Lobby glass is clean, no scratches and presentable

4.0 Floors

  • 4.4 Well-presented, clean, clear of clutter, rubbish and generally tidy

  • 4.5 Clearly defined walkways, paths and free of obstacles and trip hazards

  • 4.1 Free of trip hazards, uneven surfaces, holes, worn floor covering etc

  • 4.2 Slip free, when wet or dry

  • 4.3 Free of cables and other obstruction across area where public and tenants walk

5.0 Doors

  • 5.3 Auto doors are being maintained and operate correctly

  • 5.4 Structurally sound and in good condition with appropriate signage

  • 5.5 Glass doors and entry glass has safety decals

  • 5.1 Doors are easy to open and close

  • 5.2 Systems in place to ensure external doors are locked and unlocked according to fire and access needs

6.0 Windows

  • 6.1 Clean and streak free

  • 6.2 Free of broken or cracked panes

  • 6.3 Where required, easy to open and close

  • 6.4 No storage or items resting against windows

7.0 Lighting

  • 7.1 Emergency and Exit lights are:<br>Operational, and<br>Test and Log Books are current

  • 7.2 Lighting levels are adequate for area/site/task

  • 7.3 Adequate security lighting in place and fully operational

8.0 Electrical

  • 8.1 Overhead/aerial cables are free from obstruction or interference

  • 8.2 Power boards are not being used for heaters, urns, kettles or other heavy consumption equipment

  • 8.3 Residual Current Devices (RCD) are installed to switchboards and/or portable for tools and appliances

  • 8.4 Electrical switchboard schedules are current

  • 8.5 Thermographic testing is conducted annually

  • 8.6 All extension cords and portable electrical equipment has current test and tag attached

9.0 General Storage

  • 9.1 All chemical substances are clearly labelled, stored with appropriate bunding, included in Hazardous Substances Register with SDS on hand

  • 9.2 Access to fire egress paths, essential safety equipment and switchboards is free from obstruction

10.0 Hygiene and First Aid

  • 10.1 Amenity facilities are clean and fully resourced

  • 10.2 First Aid kits are readily available with up to date stock and qualified first aider contact information shown

11.0 General Waste

  • 11.1 Recycling program in place, data collated and reviewed for tracking diversion performance

  • 11.2 Waste bins are kept clean, are free from leaks and storage area kept clean

12.0 Stairs, Landings and Ramps

  • 12.1 Sufficient traction

  • 12.2 No worn or broken treads

  • 12.3 Hand rails in good repair / well supported

  • 12.4 Tread delineation is clearly marked

  • 12.5 Meets DDA requirements

  • 12.6 Able to easily traverse in either direction - no obstructions

13.0 Essential Services

  • 13.5 Stored items are no closer than 1 metre from fire sprinkler heads

  • 13.6 Fire extinguishers, hose reels and hydrants have current test tag (ie within last 6 months)

  • 13.7 Annual fire certificate is current, on file, compliant and has been submitted to relevant authority

  • 13.1 Emergency Procedures training and exercises are current

  • 13.2 Fire doors and egress dors are in good condition, have been inspected within last 6 months, have door tags, appropriate signage and close and latch

  • 13.3 Alarm, EWIS, hydrant, pump, sprinkler and system log books are in place and current

  • 13.4 Combustible materials are stored in a safe manner and kept separate from ignition sources.

14.0 Mechanical Services

  • 14.1 Cooling towers are maintained regularly, water treatment in place and water analysis monthly

  • 14.2 Evidence of routine HVAC service on file

  • 14.3 Evidence of annual and current Essential Service interface test and correct matrix

15.0 General

  • 15.1 Evidence of current pest control program

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