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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

  • Floors clean and in good repair

  • Ceiling tiles unstained.

  • Only allowable supplies stored under sinks.

  • No external shipping containers where clean/sterile supplies are present.

  • Sharps containers not more than 2/3 full

  • Hand Hygiene performed before and after room entry/exit.

  • Isolation signs posted appropriately

  • Isolation cart/supplies available

  • Staff wearing appropriate PPE

  • Proper disinfectant available

  • Shower hose hanging without loops (empty patient rooms)

  • Horizontal surfaces are clean

  • No visible soil on vertical surfaces

  • Hallways uncluttered

  • Clean linen covered

  • Solid bottom present on bottom supply storage shelf

  • Clean supplies separate from dirty

  • All supplies within expiration date

  • Reusable instruments sprayed/soaked in enzymatic solution

  • No instrument cleaning in hand-washing sinks

  • Soiled instruments transported in bio-hazard-labeled covered container

  • Supplies are at least 18 inches from ceiling and 6 inches from floor

  • Medications are within expiration date

  • Open, multi-dose vials are labeled with expiration date

  • High-Level Disinfection processes compliant


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Cart & Instrument Compliance

  • # of carts compliant ____<br># carts observed ____

  • # Instrument totes compliant _____<br># Instrument totes Observed _____

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