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1 General Access

  • Are walkways & common areas free from tripping hazards, obstructions and ‘safe’? (Check footpaths for level, damaged or broken slabs, other trip hazards etc)

  • Are car park areas and walkways free from obstructions and ‘safe’?

  • Is there delineated pedestrian access across or around car park areas?

  • Are there any unauthorised footpaths or access ways, which cause concern?

  • Consider the visually impaired, are there obstructions that could cause them problems or sudden change of levels

  • Are there any DDA issues for consideration? (Check tactile crossings, public steps, change of level, wheel chair access & access ramps)

  • Are grassed or planted areas clean and tidy

  • If the lights are on, are they working correctly?

  • If the lights are on, do they provide adequate illumination for the public areas?

  • If it is daylight – are there any signs of damage to public area lighting

  • 11. Do trees etc cause any hazards or increase risk of personal attacks

  • 12. Are there adequate grit bins for winter use

Site Boundary, Perimeter Walls, Fences, Gates

  • Comp

  • 1. Are site boundaries safe and secure?

  • 2. Are height restriction barriers locked open/locked closed

  • NB if there are height restriction barriers and/or powered gates – consider if these are necessary or can they be removed without detriment to the safe operation of the premises and advise the

Transport & Vehicle Issues

  • Is there clear visibility at road junctions and at junctions within the car park?

  • Are roadway markings/white lines OK

  • Are there any signs, which because of their height and position could cause injury to pedestrians (including visual impaired)?

  • Consider delivery vehicles – are transport routes segregated from public areas? If not – assess hazards from delivery vehicles and report accordingly

  • If there are common area designated service yards (under LCP control) are they effectively segregated from public areas, adequately signed and lit

  • Has a traffic Management Assessment been undertaken for this location and tenants advised?

Social Issues

  • Is graffiti or other vandalism evident and a cause of concern?

  • Are there any fly tipping or abandoned cars

Vacant Units

  • Check external security looking at door security, windows, gates, walls, fencing etc – are they secure and preventing unauthorised access

  • Are letterboxes and openings sealed to prevent unwanted items being pushed into premises?

  • Is the glass and glazing intact and reasonably clean and external appearance such as not to cause offence to adjacent tenants?

  • Check for signs of burst pipes or blocked drains around the premises

  • Comment on any signs of vandalism or unauthorised entry

  • Common Areas with offices which are within or over shop parades etc

  • Comp

  • Do the common areas have safe access, adequate lighting etc

  • Are fire exit routes clearly and correctly signed?

  • Are evacuation and visitor instruction displayed in reception and other suitable areas

  • Are toilet areas signed, clean and serviced

  • Are lifts clean and suitable emergency notices displayed?

  • Are there any DDA issues of note?

  • Are outside areas such as roof access, lift motor room access etc secure

External Building Façade in General

  • Do all the signs and notice boards or any fixtures or fittings including aerials, alarm systems, lightning conductors etc, look safe and secure (visually assess as best as possible and report accordingly)

  • Are the previously painted surfaces windows, doors, fascia’s etc, well painted and of plumb, is any of the glazing cracked

  • Is any of the facing brickwork cracked along bed joint, vertical sheet cracking or 45º sheer and displacement cracking? Are any bricks missing? Any masonry pointing required

  • Do the copingstones at roof level, or stone cills and heads appear displaced or un- missing, previous repairs etc?

  • Are there any parts of exposed concrete frame, columns, beams, floors, cills etc, showing rusted showing?

  • Are the rendered masonry areas and cladding timber or metal panels intact and appear solid, are any hairline cracks visible. Are any sections loose or missing?

  • Is there safe access to the main roof or lower roof areas, parapet walls, canopies etc? Is there plant and equipment on the roof? Is some redundant

  • Does the flat roof areas, at all heights, contain edge protection system? Are there marked walkway around the roof to allow safe access to plant etc

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