• Property Address

  • House type

  • Management type

  • Landlord

  • Conducted on

  • Tenant

  • Prepared by

  • General information


  • Front elevation

  • Side elevation

  • Rear elevation

Reception hall

  • Condition

W/C Cloaks

  • Condition


  • Condition

Dining room

  • Condition


  • Condition


  • Condition


  • Condition


  • Condition

Bedroom 1

  • Condition

Bedroom 1 ensuite

  • Condition

Bedroom 2

  • Condition

Bedroom 2 ensuite

  • Condition

Bedroom 3

  • Condition

Bedroom 4

  • Condition

Bedroom 5

  • Condition


  • Condition

Front drive/Front garden

  • Condition

Rear garden

  • Condition


  • Condition

Grout details

  • Grout clean?

Condensation details

  • Signs of condensation?

Maintenance issues?

  • Add media

  • Notes


  • Any signs of pets?

Multiply occupancy?

  • Any signs of multiple occupancy?

Gas and electric

  • Fuseboard?

  • Does the property have gas?

  • Is the gas certificate up to date?

  • Does the property have a PAT test?

Smoke alarm

  • Smoke alarm fitted?

  • Smoke alarm working?

Tenant details

  • Tenant present

  • Tenant issues

  • Tenant comments

Inspectors comments

  • Inspector comments

  • Is the property being kept in an acceptable condition?

  • Notes

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