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  • Final Inspection for the hydraulic scope of Topside Umbilical Termination Unit (TUTU) 110525-1-GA-902 (05 HJB's) and 110525-2-GA-902 (02 HJB's) as per document reference (110525-1-FAT-002, 110525-1-GA-902, 110525-2-FAT-002, 110525-2-GA-902 and 110525-ITP-005) .

  • Client Name: JDR Cable Systems Ltd.

  • Supplier Name: Proserv

  • PO Number: 148868 & 1477888

  • Project Name: NPCC

  • Project Number: 110525 - ARAMCO LTA (52 & 54)

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • TPI Conducted By

HSE - Equipments Details - Records Reviewing

Arriving At Facility & HSE Induction

  • Inspector greeted upon arrival and asked to sign the visitors log book and issued with a visitors badge

  • A Full HSE briefing, including Covid-19 measures was conducted prior to Inspection commencement

  • PPE's


  • Test Equipments Used

  • Test Equipments Okay to Use

  • Hydraulic test equipment has been flushed with Oceanic HW540 to ISO 13628-5 and ISO 13628-6, cleanliness to SAE AS4069 6 B-F.

Records Reviewing

  • Test Equipments Calibrated Record Reviewed

  • Test Report Reviewed

  • NDT Procedure (110525-NDT-002 ) and Technician qualification records

Functional Test & Final Inspection Results.

  • Total Numbers of (TUTU) Hydraulic Junction Box

Inspection & Test Result

    HJB (TUTU Enclosure)
  • Hydraulic Junction Box Type

  • Platform Number

  • HJB TAG Number

  • Type of Test

  • HJB has had ‘Proof Test’ in accordance with pressure test procedure (PJ-05-001451-PTP) happened before this function test procedure is carried out.

  • Operating/Applied Pressure (psig)

  • Functional Test Result

  • Add media

  • Add media

Final Inspection (Visual, Dimensional, Tagging / Marking, Ferruling, Tubing and Fittings)

  • Safe access to the HJB and accessibility of components.

  • Available lighting system works properly

  • HJB has no damage (components and external connections)

  • Overall dimensions of the HJB are in accordance with the GA.

  • Check the cabinet doors with stopper & door lock work.

  • Verify the panel nameplates as per name plate drawing

  • Labels and tagging of all required components are in accordance with GA and hydraulic schematics.

  • Perform ‘point to point’ routing checks by physically following the tubing lines in accordance with the hydraulic schematic diagram.

  • Hydraulic bulkhead connections are in accordance with GA and hydraulic schematic diagram.

  • Confirm earth stud (1 no.) are fitted as shown on GA

  • Confirm earthing of mounting plate, enclosure door and the gland plates to the earth stud.

  • HJB does not have signs of leakage during or after the test

  • Overall condition of HJB (Ferruling, Tubing and Fittings)


  • Comments & Findings:

Summary Of Inspection

(TUTU) Hydraulic Junction Box

  • How many HJB Witnessed / Verified?

  • Overall Inspection Remarks

  • Comments if Any:

Singing of Tank Inspection

  • I certify that the above inspection has been performed in a manner consistent with the specification requirements.

  • Inspector Signature

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