General information

During the opening meeting with the Master and SSO on board, it was explained that that the internal ISPS audit will be held against the requirements of the ISPS code, flag requirements and company's requirements.

1.0 First impression:

1.1 Access control, is ID checked, visitors log checked & restricted areas controlled?

1.2 Appearance of gangway watch ( neat working clothes / appropriate ppe / professional attitude)?

1.3 Are access control procedures clearly implemented and is the personnel in charge of access control familiar with his duties?

2.0 External ISPS audit:
Date of last external ISPS audit?

2.1 Have all ncn's & OBS from the last external audit been reported in ShipManager?

2.2 Has corrective & preventive actions for the last ncn's & OBS been entered in ShipManager?

3.0 Internal ISPS audit:
Date of the last internal ISPS audit?

3.1 Have all ncn's & OBS from the last internal audit been reported in ShipManager?

3.2 Has corrective & preventive actions for the ncn's & OBS been entered in ShipManager?

4.0 Certificates:
Expiry date of the ICCS?

4.1 Is the copy Declaration of company security officer available on board?

4.2 Is the SSO trained & certified & familiar with his duties?

4.3 Is the continuous synopsis record complete?

5.0 Documents:

5.1 Is an approved SSP available & updated acc. last amendments?

5.2 Is the SSP & related records protected from unauthorized access or disclosure?

6.0 ISPS:

6.1 Is the security level set correctly as required by flag & port authorities & all personnel aware of the current level?

6.2 Is all security equipment maintained as required by the SSP?

6.3 Are training & drills carried out as per ISPS code & SSP?

6.4 Is the AIS working properly?

6.5 Is the SSAS operational and records for tests & maintenance available?

6.6 Can CSO be identified by SSO / crew & are contact details available?

6.7 Is the SSP been reviewed by the SSO and reported in ShipManager?

6.8 Is the security system found implemented on board, acc. the SSP?

What was the topic of the last security drill?

7.0 NCN's and/or OBS of previous internal audit:

8.0 Newly raised NCN's and/or OBS:

The internal ISPS audit followed a sampling process & it is possible that non conformities may exist even in areas that have been covered by the audit.

All non conformities & observations reported must be entered in the ShipManager Quality & Safety Management module by the Master, within 24 hrs after the audit has been completed.

Furthermore, the Master in cooperation with responsible officer of the department has to take timely corrective action on all non conformities & observations and add this in the ShipManager.

Completion of audit.

The internal ISPS audit has been completed. The audit participants can be found as per attached crew list.

Date of completion of ISPS audit?
Name & signature master:
Name & signature auditor:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.