ISPS internal audit


  • During the opening meeting with the master & SSO on board, it was explained that the internal audit will be held against the requirements of the ISPS Code, Flag requirements & Company requirements.


  • Is the access control as required ( ID check / visitors log / restricted areas controlled ) :

  • Is the appearance of gangway watch as required (appropriate ppe / professional attitude) :


  • International Ship Security Certificate is valid until :

  • Is the Continuous Synopsis Record complete :

  • Is a copy of the company's Safety & Environmental policy available :

  • Is the ships library, documentation & manuals valid, complete & available as applicable as required by flag :

  • Is the SSP available & approved :

  • Is the SSP updated to the latest amendments :

  • Is the SSP & related docs protected from unauthorized access or disclosure :



  • Date of last EXTERNAL ISPS audit :

  • Is the report of the last EXTERNAL ISPS audit available :

  • Have all EXTERNAL ncn's/obs been entered in GLSM & all corrective + preventive actions been done :


  • Date of the last INTERNAL ISPS audit :

  • Is the report of the last INTERNAL ISPS audit available :

  • Have all INTERNAL ncn's/obs been entered in GLSM & all corrective + preventive actions been done :


  • Is the SSO trained & certified in accordance with STCW requirements :

  • Is the SSO familiar with his or her duties :

  • Is the SSP reviewed by the SSO & reported in the GLSM system :


  • Are the access control procedures clearly implemented & personnel in charge familiar with their duties :

  • Are relevant officers aware to which parts of the SSP limited access may be allowed :

  • Is the security level correctly set as required by flag state & port authorities & all personnel are aware of the current level :

  • Is all security equipment being maintained :

  • Are drill carried out as required :

  • Is the AIS working properly :

  • Is the SSAS operational & records for tests & maintenance available :

  • Are contact details for the CSO available :

  • Further remarks :


  • The internal ISPS audit followed a sampling process and it can not be excluded that non conformities may exist even in areas that have been covered by the audit.

    All newly raised non conformities and observations have to be reported in Safety Management System of GLSM by the Master within 24 hrs after the audit have been completed.

    With reference to the above- mentioned, the Master in close cooperation with the responsible officer have to take timely corrective action(s) on all raised ncn's & obs.

    The internal ISPS audit is confidential & have to be placed in the SSP.

  • Date of completion :

  • Name & signature Auditor :

  • Name & signature Master :

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