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I Physical Environment

Physical Environment

  • No food/drinks in preparation work areas, specimen areas or WOWs

  • No multi serving food items in patient care/preparation areas

  • No personal/food items 12" near Hand Hygiene sink

  • No patient care supplies/equipment 12" near Hand Hygiene sink

  • Soap dispensers filled, not expired, and functioning properly

  • Alcohol hand rinse dispensers available, filled, not expired and functioning properly

  • Paper towel dispensers filled and functioning

  • No high dust and area dust free

  • Floors are clean

  • Surfaces and furnishings are clean

  • Bathrooms are clean

  • No missing or stained ceiling tiles

  • Area under sink is free from stored items

  • Computer keyboards/WOWs are clean without dust

  • Employee refrigerator free of unlabeled and expired food

  • Breastmilk refrigerator clean and free of unlabeled or expired milk

  • Other:

III Standard and Transmission Base Precautions

Standard Precautions and Transmissions Based Precautions

  • Current precautions signage available on unit

  • Appropriate PPE available on unit

  • Sharps containers secured & not overfilled

  • Other:

IV Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies

  • Storage so supplies dust free, 6" off floor, on solid bottom & 18" from ceiling

  • No expired supplies noted

  • No cardboard shipping boxes in supply storage

  • No dirty items in clean supply/designated area

  • No clean supplies in dirty utility/designated area

  • Equipment is clean

  • Equipment with biomedical or engineering tags are clean

  • Clean linen is covered and properly stored

  • Dirty linen is bagged in blue bag and covered

  • Other:

V Department Specific

Department Specific

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