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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Clean equipment placed in clean storage area or designated areas (labeled)

  • Proper wipes available to clean glucometer or urine dipstick machine (purple top)

  • Isolation cart stocked and clean

  • Code cart properly stored and log updated

  • Unopened electrode package on defibulator

  • Wheelchairs & other patient equipment clean

Staff Area

  • food & drink in appropriate areas

  • general cleanliness of nursing stations

Patient Nourishment Area

  • all patient food is labeled w/name & date (nothing older than 3 days)

  • no expired items in fridge

  • fridge temp checked and logged daily

  • no staff food in patient fridge

  • general cleanliness of patient fridge

  • ice machine is clean

  • general cleanliness of nourishment room

Clean Utility Room

  • linens covered

  • no storage on floor

  • No dirty items stored

  • all storage 18in from sprinkler heads

  • no external/shipping boxes

Dirty Utility Room

  • doors kept closed / not propped open

  • no clean items/equipment/patient items stored here

  • room is clutterfree

  • red biohazard containers are covered and not overflowing

Medication Room/Area

  • Clean and meds secured

  • fridge clean and temps checked and logged daily

  • No expired vials/meds or med supplies in use

  • Expiration date noted on packaging


  • No medications, IVs, or syringes left unsecured or unattended

  • No tape/label adhesive on floor or anywhere else

  • No shipping/external or corrugated boxes

  • No dust/dirt noted (high dusting done)

  • Floors/Walls clean, no dust, trash noted

Patient Rooms

  • No patient supplies found on window sills

  • No syringes/meds left unattended

  • No reuseable gait belts found in rooms

I.P. General

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