• Location Name:

  • Device GPS Location: Press Locate. Then Locate Me
  • Conducted on

  • Team Name/Number

  • This damage assessment tool was created to provide an electronic method to instantly report damage from the field to the EOC or ICP.


  • Property Type

  • Street Number

  • Street Name

  • Lot Number

  • City

  • GPS Coordinates (Degrees, Decimal Minutes) (EXAMPLE: N 43 34.3303 W 85 54.7232)

  • Property Owner Name and Phone Number (if known)


  • Incident Hazard

  • Damage Classification

  • Pressing on the question text allows you to enter additional information and add photos.

  • Debris Present? If yes what types of debris? Please take photo of debris.

  • Flooding Observed? What is the level of flooding in feet and inches. Please take photo of flooding.

  • Fallen Trees? Are these trees dead or alive? What size are the trees? How did they fall (twist, uprooted, ect). Please take photo of fallen trees.

  • Fallen PowerPoles? CAUTION AROUND DOWN POWERLINES.... TREAT EVERY POWERLINES AS IF IT WAS ALIVE!!! Is power out in the immediate location? Is there a fire from the down POWERLINES? How did the lines or poles come down. Please take photo of the down lines.


  • Please remember to take each photo with the number associated on you DA worksheet.

  • Mail Box or House Numbers

  • Street View

  • Front Door

  • Damage Details 1

  • Damage Details 2

  • Damage Details 3

  • Please draw a quick aerial sketch of the house and the damage.


  • Please enter any additional comments for this property.


  • Please enter the date, time, and electronically sign. Submit this damage report or save it and move on to the next property.

  • Type Your Name

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