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Brief, before completing the Inspection make sure that you yourself have completed the required induction and are familiar with the site safety policies and procedures. Some policies differ from site to site and department to department dependant on the risk assessment outcomes. Answer the below questions adding photos as required. Include both management and employees during this inspection, request that operators and or management follow up any safety issues with a Hazard alert. Take all opportunities to complete safety interactions during this process (writing the words "Safety Interactions Conducted" in the answer box).

Management Responsibilities

  • Has the worksite been inspected previously?

  • Have previous inspection items been actioned?

  • Is there a safety management plan for this site?

  • Have subcontractors provided Risk Assessment / Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before commencing activities?

  • Is there safe access / egress to and from the site?


  • Work area clean and tidy (adequate rubbish disposal facilities)?

  • Leads not lying on or draped over walkways or mobile plant access ways?

  • Access ways clear of debris, obstructions and trip hazards?

  • Equipment / material stored safely?

  • Hazardous locations / penetrations covered, sign posted and appropriately fenced?

  • Are all signs on site unobstructed, clean and legible?


  • Portable electrical equipment and leads inspected and show current tags? Please provide evidence.

  • Electrical leads supported above the ground with hooks or stands?

  • Electrical testing register maintained on site?

  • Electrical equipment in good condition (no frayed leads, damaged plugs/connections/leads?

  • Are residual current devices / earth leakage protection systems used for all electrical connections, checked and operational?

  • Are personnel undertaking electrical work appropriately trained and qualified?

  • Are isolations completed (lock-out procedures / permits to work in place?

  • Are fiberglass or aluminum ladders used rather than metal ladders?

Mobile Plant and Equipment

  • Plant and equipment is in good working condition?

  • Are both forklift operators and pedestrians adhering to the minimum exclusion zones ?

  • Daily checks completed for forklifts ?

  • Where applicable are reverse and visual alarm operating and audible?

  • Are crane logbooks kept on the mobile plant?

  • Daily inspections completed and recorded for Cranes ?

  • Do only trained and licensed operators operate mobile plant and equipment?

  • Safe work limit of lifting or carrying equipment displayed, tested and recorded kept?


  • Is machinery clean and free from excess oil and grease?

  • Is machinery guarding in place and operational?

  • Are warning signs or instructions displayed?

  • Are emergency stops clearly identifiable?

Racking and Storage

  • Is racking installed correctly to the relevant standards?

  • Is the racking safe working loads clearly marked ?

  • Are all items stored correctly locked in pallets?

  • Are all items stored above head height adequately secured?

Hazardous Substances

  • Are Safety Data Sheets available for all hazardous substances?

  • Is a chemical / hazardous substance register kept on site and complete?

  • Are site personnel aware of and understand MSDSs?

  • Is signage erected at storage areas?

  • Are containers labeled and stored appropriately?

  • Are chemical storage areas provided with appropriate containment areas (bunds and spill kits)?

  • Required PPE supplied when using hazardous materials (as specified by MSDS)?

  • Emergency / first aid equipment available (showers, eye baths)?

  • Ventilation / exhaust systems installed where necessary?

Hot Work (includes oxy - acetylene cutting and welding)

  • Are personnel trained and competent?

  • Are hot work permits used, signed by supervisors and kept on site?

  • Are bottles secured in an upright position?

  • Fire fighting equipment is located in work area?

  • Are flash back arrestors fitted to both the hand piece and at the bottles?

  • Correct PPE used as per SOPs or Job Safety Analysis?

  • Are welding equipment, hoses and fittings in good condition?

  • Are screens erected and ventilation provided?

Working at Height

  • Are working at height permits used, signed by supervisors and kept on site?

  • Are personnel trained in working at height?

  • Is safe access and egress provided?

  • Are harnesses inspected and inspection records kept?

  • Are emergency protocols developed for retrieval of a fallen injured person?

  • Are anchor points assessed by a person qualified engineer / competent person?

  • Are barriers, barricades and signs erected to delineate restricted access?

  • Are controls in place to minimise the risk of objects falling from height?

Stairs, Steps and Landings

  • No worn or broken steps, rungs or styles?

  • Handrails in good repair?

  • Non-slip treatments / treads in good condition?

  • Kick plates where required?


  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Are ladders secured?

  • 4:1 Pitch and extended 1 meter above top landing?

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Is mandatory and job specific PPE worn, suitable for task and in good condition?

  • Is PPE readily available?

  • Are regular maintenance checks performed on PPE?

  • Are employees appropriately trained in the use of PPE?

  • Are signs displayed to identify the required PPE?

Confined Spaces

  • Has a risk assessment been undertaken to a) determine if necessary to enter the confined space and b) determine the control measures?

  • Are personnel trained and certified to work in confined spaces?

  • Are confined space entry permits used, signed by supervisors and kept on site?

  • Is a adequate communication system utilised?

  • Is there a need for gas monitoring?

  • Are emergency procedures developed (including rescue plan and equipment)?

  • Is safety equipment in good woking condition?

  • All confined spaces identified and appropriately signposted?

Traffic Management

  • Has a traffic management plan been developed and implemented?

  • Are all road work signs and devices erected in accordance with the plan?

  • Are safety barriers installed to segregate pedestrians?

Public Protection

  • Is access to the site controlled and unauthorised entry restricted?

  • Is a boundary fence / barricades in place and stable in all sections?

  • Is site signage displayed?

  • Are dust and noise controls in place?


  • Are amenities hygienic and tidy (washroom, toilet, lockers, meal rooms)?

  • Are there notice boards in crib areas?

  • Is there cool clean drinking water available at appropriate locations?

First Aid

  • Are personnel aware of the first aid kit location and is it clearly identified?

  • Is there a first aid kit located on site and adequately stocked?

  • Is there an adequate number of personnel trained in first aid?

  • Are records of treatment and supplies dispensed completed?


  • Is there adequate access and work activity lighting?

Emergency Response and Fire Control

  • Fire extinguishers in place service / tagged and appropriate to the hazards?

  • Is there unobstructed clear access to fire fighting equipment ?

  • Are emergency response procedures developed and issued?

  • Are emergency response personnel identified and trained in site emergency procedures?

  • Is emergency evacuation information correct, prominently displayed and included in the induction process?

  • Does the site have an emergency siren and equipment?

  • Have trial evacuations been conducted?

Training and Consultation

  • Is there a site induction?

  • Are training records, certificates of competency and induction records maintained on site?

  • Do team leaders/managers conduct regular Pause for Safety briefs?

  • Are site personnel kept informed on hazards, incidents and committee meeting minutes at pre-work briefs?

  • Do supervisors carry out risk assessments and incident reports?

  • Is there a health and safety committee established on site and meetings held regularly?

Employee engagement

  • Is there evidence of employee engagement? Check safety and lean boards.

  • Is there evidence that the Golden Rules are being followed at all times ?

  • Are site communication sessions being conducted ?

  • Have national and local site safety initiatives being rolled out to all employees?

  • Are regular toolbox talks being conducted?

  • Are safety alerts reviewed and issues to all staff and employees?

  • Are there any aged Hazards over 30 days ? If so review with site staff, assistance may be able to be provided.

  • Is feedback provided to employees after raising a Hazard Alert and sign off requested from the initiator?

Other Issues and Comments

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