Flight Preperation

Flight Preperation

  • IRS pressing button on RDT device to accept task

  • IRS pressing button on RDT to start task

  • FOD cleared from stand and Jetty?

  • Aircraft chocked and coned in accordance with SOP

  • PPE and Team PPE

  • Uniform standards

  • Clear guidance given to Team (Level 1 and Logistics Driver/s)


  • Contact details entered in FLY

  • LIRF and NOTOC printed and available for use, cross reference LIRF edition number


IRS - ADM Briefing

  • Confirm with ADM expected boarding time, RTG time, and TOBT time.

  • Confirm with ADM approximate number of hand baggage expected to be taken at gate.

  • Confirm with ADM any OPDEFS

IRS Team Briefing

  • Confirm LIR edition and paperwork, plus expectations, responsibilities and working positions of team

  • Confirm with team - Holds Checked and secured (Verbally communicated)

  • Confirm with team - TOBT and expected doors closure (RTG)

  • Confirm with team - potential challenges, special loads, hand baggage and RTADs expected

  • Confirm with team - RTADs accurately, passenger load and boarding time

  • Confirm with team - OPDEF's

Baggage Briefing

  • Confirm with Baggage crew RTG & TOBT

  • Confirm HOS closure and expected delivery time to A/C

  • Confirm any expected gate baggage / RTAD

  • Confirm red bags

Section Overview


Expectations during departure

  • Arrived in timely manner with full team

  • Ultra Gun used to finalized bins

  • Did IRS use iLoad at aircraft side or return to the POD?

  • Was there a baggage offload

  • Was loading and baggage informed in timely manner


  • Ensured cones were not removed before holds were closed

  • Ensured Correct PPE worn by all ramp teams.

  • Ensured all safety rails were engaged on loading equipment

Section Overview

Post Departure

Finalisation Process

  • Confirm final load with CLC via iLoad

  • Cross check iLoad details and final load with ADM

  • NOTOC signed

  • Final stand checks ( Holds closed, Mototok or ACM tug on stand, No vulcan dollies behind aircraft.)

  • Cones and equipment all safely stowed ready for next service on stand

Section Overview



  • Acts as a role model?

  • Accountable?


  • Decision making?

  • Resilience?

  • Motivator?

  • Challenges effectively?

Planning & Operations

  • Time management / departure and punctuality protection?

  • Anticipation / Thinking ahead / Adapting to change

Relationship Building and Communications

  • Effective communicator at all levels?

  • Team player?



  • RTG Achieved

  • Within 15mins Achieved

  • Was the departure delayed?

  • Delay Code?

  • IRS

  • TM or Observing Manager

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