GPS Marine Contractors Internal Office Audit

Opening meeting with office staff explaining the purpose of the audit and expectations. Due to COVID-19 the audit was postponed from the original date of June 2020 to July 2020.


Certification: evidence of DOC & Vessel SMC'S

SMS Revisions current?

Company Policies displayed , signed and in date?

Vessel Certification

Roles and Responsibilities of Operations Director

produce evidence of vessel certification file for vessel holding an SMC (GPS Battler, GPS Arcadia, GPS Cambria, GPS Illyria, GPS Napia)

Produce evidence of how the Operations director "to ensure the safe operation of the fleet and that they are manned and operate within full compliance of statutory requirements

Roles and Responsibilities of Operations Manager

Safe Manning and crew lists: Operations manager to provide evidence of crew lists and safe manning

Damage and Defects: Produce evidence of Matrix with open and closed defects

Crew Certification:

Roles and Responsibilities of HR

Produce evidence of crew certificates. (HR)

Produce evidence of how to make crew and DP aware crew certificates are due to expire?. .(HR)

provide evidence of "crewing training matrix to ensure all crew are properly certified to do their jobs" (HR)

Provide evidence of compliance to MLC2006

Document Control:

Roles and Responsibilities Head of Document Control

provide evidence of controlling hours of rest

Provide evidence of safety equipment is up to date

NCN's: Provide evidence of NCN Close out and open NCN's both internal and external

Provide evidence of Company Wide Drill

Shipboard Operations

Hazardous Occurrences reports:

Receiving vessel drills

Provide evidence of control of issuing NTM's Circulars and Memos

Risk Assessments


Provide evidence of planned maintenance SMS F19, 21 OR 22

Provide evidence of Dry Docking matrix

Provide evidence that Damage & Defects are recorded and closed

Managing Director

3.2 Managing Director roles and responsibilities

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