Section 1 Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) (Master)

MLC 001 Does the vessel carry a valid MLC 2006 Certificate / Is the MLC harmonised with the SMC / ISPS Certificate?

MLC 002 Does the vessel hold a valid copy of the Companies Document of Compliance (DoC)

MLC 003 Does the vessel comply with the work and rest hours as required by the MLC Convention.

MLC 004 Have all crew-members signed as having agreed with their recorded work and rest hours?

MLC 005 Are all crew appraisals taking place in accordance with company instructions? M22-FLT-CRW-G301

MLC 006 Are all crew training record books being kept up to date and are they being reviewed on a six monthly basis by the Masters? SBM-FLT-CRW-P-301 Ch8

MLC 007 Does the vessel hold a valid copy of the Deeside Crewing Manning Agency Document of Compliance (DoC)?

MLC 008 Are all crew in possession of a valid ENG1 ?

MLC 009 Does the Vessel hold a young persons Risk Assessment (For persons under the age of 18)? M22-FLT-CRW-P-20, Ch. 2.3

MLC 010 Are relevant familiarisations for Deck and Engine Officers taking place? SBM-FLT-CRW-F-307 / 308

MLC 011 Is there evidence of of all crew completing a Company Vessel Induction? SBM-FLT-CRW-F-305 / 306

MLC 012 Do all crew-members hold the relevant STCW & OPITO Certification as per requirements?

MLC 013 Is alcohol testing being conducted in accordance with the drug and alcohol policy? and is it being reported to the Company? M22-FLT-CRW-B-001

MLC 014 Have all crew signed the controlled copy of the companies Safety Management System as having read and understood?

MLC 015 Is the Company policies Poster, signed by the current MD and posted in a prominent position, and has the Whistle Blowing policy been posted?

MLC 016 Is the vessel receiving regular Management visits? When was the last such visit?

Section 2 Vessel Cook: Maritime Labour Convention (Cook)

MLC 017 Has the vessel cook completed a Food Hazard Analysis for all previous trips?

MLC 018 Has the vessel cook completed the galley cleaning schedule and does the galley and storerooms appear clean and tidy?

MLC 019 Has the vessel cook been keeping records of his freezer temperatures as per the Company requirements M22-FLT-OPS-F-1104

MLC 020 Has the cook completed the product temperature monitoring from previous voyages?

Photographic Evidence.
Section 3 Medical (AMA)

MLC021 Is the vessel treatment room and survivor bedding areas being maintained to a high standard of cleanliness?

MLC 022 Has the off signing AMA completed a full set of handover notes along with a full inventory of the treatment room?

Photographic Evidence of treatment room and survivors bedding areas.
Section 4 International Safety Management (ISM). Adverse Weather (Master)

ISM 001 Does the vessel hold a copy of the latest Company and Client Adverse Weather Policy?

ISM 002 Is the vessel Master aware of where to find the Adverse Weather Policy Flow Chart (SBM M22-FLT-OPS-F-504)

ISM 003 Is the vessel Master able to demonstrate how to conduct a dynamic Risk Assessment as required by Companies Adverse Weather Policy?

Section 5 International Safety Management (ISM) Navigation. (2nd Officer / Master)

ISM 004 If a Harbour Pilot has been engaged has the Pilot Information Card been completed and recorded in the Deck Log Book?

ISM 005 Does the vessel passage plan include berth to berth to berth information (Either on the passage plan or referenced to a pilotage plan)?

ISM 006 Are all Charts and Publications (Including T&P, Rig List & Navigational Area Warnings) up to date? (Check a Sample)?

ISM 007 Has a vessel passage plan appraisal taken place and has the passage plan been signed and approved by the Master?

ISM 008 Are Offshore Installation positions on the passage plan being offset by a minimum of 0.5NM? M22-FLT-OPS-F-501 / SBM-FLT-OPS-G-503

ISM 009 Has the Echo Sounder been endorsed with the date and time of starting and stopping, either by writing direct on the paper or digitally on Electronic sounders? an entry for starting and stopping in the Deck Log Book? SBM-FLT-OPS-G-517

ISM 010 When was the last Compass Error taken and is it in accordance with the Companies SBM (SBM-FLT-OPS-G-507 2.2.2)?

ISM 011 Is the AIS Static Data correct and up to date?

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Section 6 International Safety Management Bridge ISM Master

ISM 012 Does the vessel have specific procedures for changing over control positions and are these posted?

ISM 013 Can the vessel Master show how the vessel is kept in compliance with statutory requirements between surveys?

ISM 014 Is the Master aware of where to find his guidance on his overriding authority?

ISM 015 Is the Master aware of his responsibilities with regards to onboard discipline?

ISM 016 Has a full and complete set of handover notes been completed by the off-signing Master?

ISM 017 Does the vessel have an approved Ballast Water Management plan / Stability Book?

ISM 018 Are the crew work and rest hours when completed being signed by vessel Master?

ISM 019 Have all Drill and Exercises been recorded in the Official Log Book / Deck Log Book?

Section 7 International Safety Management ISM Chief Officer
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ISM 020 Has the date of the last Emergency Fire Pump test been recorded?

ISM 021 Is the Chief Officer aware of his responsibilities as the vessel Safety Officer?

ISM 022 Are the Water Chlorine Levels being tested on a weekly basis?

ISM 023 Is there a Lab Analysis result available for all tanks tested in the previous six months?

ISM 024 Are there Safety Officer Inspection Reports available from previous voyages?

ISM 025 Is the vessels Enclosed space register up to date in accordance with the organisations Safety Management System?

ISM 026 What is the date of the last lifting equipment survey and is all the lifting equipment colour coded?

ISM 027 Are all Deck Department Risk Assessments of a suitable and sufficient standard and are they being reviewed on a regular basis?

ISM 028 Does the vessel have a Critical Equipment Failure Risk Assessment?

ISM 029 Are personnel onboard trained and competent in the use of portable gas analysers?

ISM 030 Does the vessel hold 2 x Personal 02 Gas Detectors, if so are they calibrated and in date

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Section 8 International Safety Management (General Ovid Questions)

ISM 031 Is there an approved stability book onboard and is the vessel calculating the stability prior to departure, during the voyage and prior to port entry?

ISM 032 Is there evidence of contractors being familiarised with vessels emergency procedures and the requirements of the Code of Safe Working Practices?

ISM 033 Are there certificates available for all mooring ropes, wires chains and shackles?

ISM 034 Is there an effective inspection and testing programme in place to ensure that all portable electrical equipment used onboard is maintained to a satisfactory condition?

Photographic Evidence
Section 9 International Safety Management ISM Control of Work Permit to Work Procedure.

ISM 035 Conducting a sample of all issued PTW open / closed have they been completed and signed off correctly?

ISM 036 Do all issue PTW have a valid Risk Assessment and TBT Card?

ISM 037 Is there evidence of the Lock and Tag out System being used?

ISM 038 Are the PTW planning and control of work board being utilised by the vessel?

ISM 039 Are all relevant Isolations (Electrical / Mechanical) being entered on the PTW?

ISM 040 Is the PTW Register being completed and updated for each issued permit in accordance with the Companies Safety Management System?

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Section 10 International Safety Management Enclosed Space

ISM 41 Is the Master and the vessels Safety Officer fully aware of the Companies Enclosed Space Procedure?

ISM 042 Is the vessel conducting Enclose Space Entry Rescue Drills in accordance with the organisations Safety Management System?

Section 11 International Safety Management System ISM Engine Room
Chief Engineer

ISM 043 I s the Oil Record Book being maintained correctly in accordance with the IMO Requirements?

ISM 044 Are all Engine Room Risk Assessments of a suitable and sufficient nature and have they been reviewed during the past 12 Months.

ISM 044 Is there a completed Engine Room Pre Arrival checklist, has completion been entered in the Engine Room Log Book?

ISM 045 If bunkering is taking place are procedures being followed in accordance with the Safety Management System?

ISM 046 Has the Engine Room bunkering checklist been completed correctly and has it been entered in to the Engine Room Log Book?

ISM 047 Is there a list displaying the Critical Equipment / Ship Specific and is this highlighted in the vessel planned maintenance system?

ISM 048 Is the planned maintenance system being fully utilised and completed correctly?

ISM 049 Does the Engine Room Log Book, Oil Record Book and Bunker Receipts Tally?

ISM 50 Has a full and complete handover been given by the off signing Chief Engineer?

ISM 51 Are all defects being reported to the company as per the requirements of the Safety Management System?

ISM 052 Does the company respond within an acceptable time frame as per the Safety Management System with regards to reported defects?

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Section 12 International Safety Management System Engine Room Walk Round

ISM 053 Is the Engine Room being kept in a clean and tidy state

ISM 054 Are all Engine Room Deck Plates free from oils and are they secured correctly?

ISM 055 Is the Oily Water Separator serviceable and being tested in accordance with the PMS?

ISM 056 Is the overboard discharge valve being secured in accordance with Flag and Company Instructions?

ISM 057 Are all waste bins in the Engine Room mad of non combustible materials?

ISM 058 Are all Engine Room Bench Tools properly guarded and is all safety signage in place?

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Section 13 General Vessel Walk Around

ISM 059 Is the vessel displaying compliance with MARPOL Annex V, Are rec-cycling points available throughout the vessel and are these being utilised by the crew?

ISM 060 Is there a designated holding area for special waste on the upper deck?

ISM 061 Are all Potable Water Points painted Blue and labelled as required?

ISM 062 Have both anchors been cleared away, and have they been made ready for letting go?

ISM 063 Is the Gangway safe and accessible for access and egress?

ISM 064 Are the Chemical and Paint Lockers being maintained to a good standard of cleanliness, with the required MSDS Available?

ISM 065 Are the quick release smoke float lifebuoys of the correct weight (Minimum 4kg) and are lines clear and ready for immediate deployment?

ISM 066 Are all life rafts in good order, hydrostatic release in date and painter line secured correctly?

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Section 14 International Safety Management ISM System General Crew

ISM 067 Are the crew aware of the company policies and do they abide by them?

ISM 068 Are all crew able to Identify the vessel DPA and his deputies?

ISM 069 Are all crew members able to locate their job descriptions and state their responsibilities during a shipboard emergency?

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ISM Audit Report

Section 15 International Ships and Port Security (ISPS Code)

ISPS 001 Does the vessel have a Valid International Ships Security Certificate?

ISPS 02 Is the Companies Name and Address in the Ships Security Plan the same as in the Safety Management Document of Compliance?

ISPS 003 A9.7 ISPS Code Is the ships Security Plan being kept in a secure location?

ISPS 004 Are the company contact details correct in the Ships Security Plan?

ISPS 005 A8.1 ISPS Code Is the ships Security Plan based on the ships Security Assessment?

ISPS 006 Is the Company Security Officer clearly and correctly identified in the Ships Security Plan?

ISPS 007 A13.2 ISPS Code Does the Ships Security Officer have knowledge and has he received training in accordance with part A of the ISPS Code?

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Section 16 Part B.9 Access Control

ISPS 008 B.9.11 ISS Code Are all visitors to the vessel being screened and asked for proof of Identity?

ISPS 009 B9.11 ISPS Code Is the vessel maintaining a T Card System?

ISPS 010 Are all visitors to the vessel being given a full Safety and Security Brief in accordance with the Companies Policy?

ISPS 011 Is the vessel maintaining a Visitors Log?

ISPS 012 Is the vessel reception area clearly marked and are there signs posted?

ISPS 013 B10 / 9.18 ISPS Code Are all restricted areas on the vessel identified and marked in accordance with the Vessel Security Plan?

ISPS 014 Is the current Security Level being displayed on the vessel?

ISPS 015 Is the vessel able to raise a Declaration of Security when interacting with a Port Facility?

ISPS 016 Can the Ships Security Officer state the implemented changes that would be required should the vessel be advised to raise the Security Level?

ISPS 017 Are the crew aware of the current security level and what it means?

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Section 17 Security Patrols and Drills

ISPS 018 Are all Security Patrols being recorded in the Daily Log Book?

ISPS 019 Is the vessel conducting stowaway searches in accordance with the company instructions?

ISPS 020 Are Security Drills being conducted in accordance with the vessel Security Training Matrix

ISPS 021 Is there a record of the Last Ship to Shore exercise using outside agencies?

ISPS 022 Is the Ships Security Alert System being tested at 6 monthly intervals and is the vessel maintaining records?

ISPS 023 Has the Ships Security Plan been reviewed in the last 12 months?

ISPS 024 Does the vessel know how to contact the Company Security Officer?

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Audit Comments and Remarks

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