• Safety Officers Inspection No

  • Vessel

  • Photo of vessel

  • Conducted on

  • Safety officer

  • Port
  • Master

Access / Egress

  • 001 Is the gangway at a safe angle, suitable for type, suitable type and secured correctly?

  • 002 Is the gangway being inspected by the crew as per PMS and does it have a valid 5 year load test certificate?

  • 003 Is there a safe path to reception marked and all other paths barriered off?

  • 004 Is reception manned and did you get a safety brief, and were you issued with a T Card?

  • 005 Is there evidence of contractors being familiarised with the vessel's emergency procedures?

  • 006 Are contractors being asked if they have read and understood the VOSL code of safe working practices for contractors and is there copies available at reception?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Control of work

  • 007 Is the control of work system implemented onboard as required by the "Permit to Work" procedure and do Masters. / all officers understand the process?

  • 008 Is the permit to work station being maintained by the 2nd Officer (or person designated by the Master)?

  • 009 Are " Port Call Planning Board" "Control of Work" Board being utilised correctly, and do they reflect reality?

  • 010 Is the PTW Register being used as required?

  • 011 Do the heads of Departments (Chief Engineer / Chief Officer) follow the required steps for each task being carried out in the area?<br>1. Along with the person in charge of carrying out the task, do they visit the worksite and discuss individual steps, the hazards and the control measured required?<br>2. Review both the Vessels and the Contractors Risk Assessment to ensure it covers all known and foreseeable risks?<br>3. Agree with all additional measure that may be required such as Lock Out / Tag Out, fire watch where required?<br>4. Fully complete the Tool box Talk Meeting Record (TMR) Card using the prompt card, recording others identified hazards on the back of the TMR Card, mitigation not recorded on the Risk Assessment?

  • 012 Are issued open permits posted at the work site and are all the requirements of the permit being implemented by the contractors?

  • 013 Do the Heads of Departments carry out regular inspections on each worksite to ensure that all involved are working to strict adherence to the Permit?

  • 014 Does the Master periodically audit open permits for compliance to the PTW process and does he raise Non-Conformance reports if deficiencies have been identified?

  • 015 From a sample of open / closed permits, are they being completed correctly?

  • 016 Have all permits been handed over to the on-signing crew as required to ensure that they have full control of work onboard the vessel at the time of crew change?

  • 017 Are the Masters and Heads of departments aware of the Company Guidelines for use of the Lock Out /Tag Out system and do they abide by the guidelines?

  • 018 Does the vessel have onboard sufficient equipment to conduct effective Lock Out / Tag Out?

  • 019 Is there evidence of isolation (Lock Out / Tag out) being used?

  • 020 Is the Master / Heads of Departments fully aware of the lifting operations procedure? Do they abide by the procedure?

  • 021 Are there valid lifting plans for routine operations? Are they covered by a valid Risk Assessment?

  • 022 Is the Lifting Gear register being maintained on-board, does it confirm that all lifting gear is in good condition and certified? Is the lifting gear being being maintained by the crew and is it colour coded?

  • 023 Does the crew of the vessel use Safety Interventions to stop the job all unsafe acts?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

LSA equipment

  • 024 Is the LSA equipment in correct location (as per the safety plan) and in good working order? (Sample checked)

  • 025 Is the LSA and FIFi equipment in a constant state of readiness, and evidence of regular inspections available?

  • 026 Is the Fire Fighting Equipment in the correct location (as per the Fire Plan) i good working order and free from obstruction?

  • 027 Have both the fire pump and emergency fire pump been tested in the last month and are in good working order?

  • 028 Are records available to show that the foam compound complies with IMO Circular MSC .1/Circ. 1312?

  • 029 Are both the LSA and Fire-Fighting Manual readily available and specific to the vessel?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Documents / posters

  • 030 Are the standing orders affixed as a preface to the Bridge Order Book and signed by each deck officer?

  • 031 Have both Masters been completing night orders as per the company procedure every night and are they being signed by the bridge officers?

  • 032 Is the Muster List up to date and in the correct format, containing all required information (duties assigned to the different crew members during different emergencies, substitutes for key personnel). Person responsible for the maintenance of the LSA and FIFi equipment?

  • 033 Is there a copy of the PPE Matrix posted in the Accommodation Area?

  • 034Is the Radio Log Book being maintained and up to date? (Check Section 2 / Master signing on a daily basis)

  • 035 Is the Polices poster posted in a prominent place?

  • General comments

  • Photographs


  • 036 Is there any outstanding NCRs from previous audits?

  • 037 Is there any outstanding items from previous accidents / near misses?

  • 038 Has the vessel been reporting Safety Observations on a regular basis? (Check both crews)

  • 039 Do the Masters full understand the Masters review process, and is the process full implemented onboard? (Masters Review completed as per the SBM and response from the company available onboard)?

  • 040 Is the emergency contact lost available and up to date (including annex 2)?

  • 041 Has a formal management of change been carried out and evidence available onboard?

  • 042 Are there any outstanding issues from the vessel safety meeting which have as yet not been addressed by the company?

  • General comments

  • Photographs


  • 043 Is the garbage record book being maintained up to date? And is it being completed correctly?

  • 044 Is the waste segregation being carried out as per the garbage plan?

  • 045 Is the oil record book of the correct edition and being maintained correctly as per the IMO and Flag requirements?

  • 046 Does the vessel maintain an Environmental Aspects and Impact Register?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Drills and exercises

  • 047 Has the vessel followed the company's Annual Emergency Drill Schedule?

  • 048 Are the SBM Emergency checklist being used during drills?

  • 049 Does the vessel carry out an enclosed space drill every trip and when was the last drill?

  • 050 Has the vessel carried out an Emergency Steering Drill (In addition to the routine testes and checks) which practice emergency steering gear procedures in the past three months?

  • 051 Is the copy of the annual ship to shore exercise available?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Asbestos / occupational Health

  • 052 Does the vessel have an Asbestos survey or Asbestos free certificate?

  • 053 Has all crew completed an Asbestos induction?

  • 054 Does the vessel maintain an Asbestos register?

  • Photographs

  • General comments

Personal Protective Equipment

  • 055 All all crew wearing appropriate, Vroon issued PPE for the task, as per the PPE Matrix?

  • 056 Is there ship specific PPE Available?

  • 057 Are the personal 02 and Multi-Gas detectors calibrated, charged and available?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Engine Room

  • 058 Is the engine room in a tidy and safe condition?

  • 059 Is there Ships Specific procedure covering. Both bunkering and transferring of fuel and lube oil?

  • 060 Is the list of critical equipment available?

  • 061 Is the vessel in full compliance with the Company Procedure for Work Equipment (Including power Tools)?

  • 062 Does the vessel 110v Power Tools and step down transformers for use in an outside environment?

  • 063 Is the Engine Room Team aware of the companies Enclosed Space Procedure and it's requirements?

  • 064 Are there guards in place for all bench tools in the in the Engine room Workshop?

  • 065Has the Chief Engineer written his own standing orders and are night orders completed, have the watch engineers countersigned?

  • General comments

  • Photographs


  • 066 Has the vessel cook received a full set of handover notes?

  • 067 Is the Galley cleaning schedule up to date?

  • 068 Is the Galley and Messroom in a clean and hygienic condition?

  • 069 Is the freezer / chiller temp records up to date?

  • General comments

  • Photographs

Ships condition

  • 070 Are reception areas, treatment room, bedding ward and survivor seating areas clean, tidy and clear of obstructions?

  • Please give details of the general condition and housekeeping onboard

  • Photographs

Conclusion and general comments

  • Conclusion and general comments

  • Photographs

Inspection acceptance

  • Signiture, Safety Officer

  • Signature, Master

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