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1.0 Personnel and Administration

  • 1.1 Safety Program available on-site? (i.e., ISS HSE Thumbstick and/or HSE Manual Hard Copy)

  • 1.2 SHARP Cards and Take 5 Risk Assessments completed regularly?

  • 1.3 Emergency Phone Numbers posted in visible area?

  • 1.4 Have employees been trained in site specific emergency/evacuation procedures?

  • 1.5 Well Control Drills (Trip Drills) conducted and documented on ESO? (Should be completed every 7 days)

  • Date of Last Well Control Drill:

  • 1.6 BOP test conducted as required?

  • Date of Last BOP Test:

  • BOP test once every 7 days - HWO/Offshore
    Blind Shears tested once a month
    Blind Shears function tested once every trip
    BOP test every rig-up/new well
    NOTE: Should be documented on ESO

  • 1.7 Miscellaneous Safety Alerts/Bulletins posted?<br>NOTE: Company issued Safety Alerts should be posted in visible area/office.

  • 1.8 JSA's conducted, reviewed and signed-off by rig personnel as required?

  • 1.9 Safety Meeting reports completed, filed and distributed as required?

  • 1.10 CFT's and Daily Compliance Checklist completed as required?

  • 1.11 Appropriate Permit(s) issued and closed out?

  • 1.12 Are first aid kits available ad filled with adequate amount of supplies?

2.0 Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

  • 2.1 SDS/MSDS available for materials on-site?

  • 2.2 Are containers properly labeled?

  • 2.3 Listing of chemicals used on the job site and quantities? (Chemical Cabinet Inventory List)

  • 2.4 Containers clearly marked to show contents?

3.0 Doghouse

  • 3.1 Housekeeping - clean and organized?

  • 3.2 PPE available and in good condition?

  • 3.3 Fall Arrest Equipment (i.e., SRL's, lanyards, harnesses, etc.) properly stored, inspected and in good condition?

  • 3.4 Lifting equipment (i.e., slings, shackles, etc.) properly stored, with in certification date and in good condition?

  • 3.5 Well Control Procedures posted?

  • 3.6 Are flammables properly stored?

4.0 Fire Extinguishers

  • 4.1 Fire Extinguisher signage present?

  • 4.2 All Fire Extinguishers inspected, properly charged, in position and unobstructed?

5.0 Hydraulic Power Pack

  • 5.1 Warning Signs posted (i.e., Hearing Protection)?

  • 5.2 Housekeeping maintained (i.e., oil, grease, leaks, etc.)?

  • 5.3 Drip Trays in place and clean?

  • 5.4 Hose restraints/halters on hydraulic lines - umbilicals secure?

6.0 Mud Pump

  • 6.1 Suction hoses free of leaks and installed in neat manner?

  • 6.2 Hose restraints/halters properly installed on chicksan iron (if applicable)?

  • 6.3 Warning Signs posted (i.e., Hearing Protection)?

  • 6.4 Guards in place and in good condition?

  • 6.5 Housekeeping maintained (i.e., oil, grease, leaks, etc.)?

7.0 Work Basket

  • 7.1 Kelly Hose secured at each end?

  • 7.2 Handrails, steps and grating in good condition?

  • 7.3 Snub Line on tongs properly installed and in good condition?

  • 7.4 Lighting installed and functions properly?

  • 7.5 Safety Valve (TIW) in place and proper size?

  • 7.6 Safety Valve (TIW) operation handle/wrench available for immediate use?

8.0 BOP's / Closing Unit

  • 8.1 Cover on Blind Shear controls?

  • 8.2 Proper lighting (i.e., explosion proof lighting, functioning, etc.)?

  • 8.3 Housekeeping maintained (i.e., leaks, hydraulic line routing, etc.)?

  • 8.4 Blind Shear Alarms functioning and in place on Accumulator/Closing Unit and Secondary Remote Panel?

9.0 Miscellaneous Items

  • 9.1 Overall housekeeping - are work areas neat and orderly?

  • 9.2 Are hose "step overs" in use?

  • 9.3 Safety Signage (i.e., PPE Required, Overhead Lifts, Pressure, etc.) displayed?

  • 9.4 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by employees when and where necessary?

  • 9.5 H2S response equipment available and unobstructed?

  • 9.6 Adequate walkways maintained and free of trip hazards?

  • 9.7 Proper/approved lifting gear used? All shackles used for lifting have split/cotter pins installed?

  • 9.8 Tools in good condition and properly stored?

  • 9.9 Sledge hammers made on non-destructible plastic handles?

  • 9.10 All rig components/support equipment properly grounded?

  • 9.11 All guide wires installed correctly, in place and flagged (i.e., thimble on guide wires/buckles, 3 minimum cable clamps, etc.)?

  • 9.12 Synthetic Slings properly stored?

  • 9.13 Vehicles properly maintained with safety equipment, including seat belts?

10.0 Envrionmental

  • 10.1 All used oils properly disposed of?

  • 10.2 Fuel properly stored - including secondary containment?

  • 10.3 Waste Drums properly labeled?

  • 10.4 Sufficient Spill Kits/Absorbent Material available and accessible on location?

  • 10.5 No leaks/spills on deck?

  • 10.6 Waste Bins located at suitable points and emptied regularly?

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