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Cabinet Inspection

  • Has the rack been cleaned? If not wipe down prior to inspection.

  • Visually check the rack for any damage or scratches caused during the build process.

    Minor scratches should be repaired using the colour coded touch up paint.

  • Front of rack?

  • Left side of rack?

  • Right side of rack?

  • Back of rack?<br>

  • Inside rack?<br>

Cabinet Kit List.

  • Ensure grommets are installed as per image (4 of them front and rear).

    no label
  • Rubber grommets installed front and rear (4 of them)


  • Green PDUs installed as shown?

    no label
  • Green PDUs installed correctly.

  • Is the PDU earthed correctly with star washer?<br>

  • Yellow PDUs installed as shown?

    no label
  • Yellow PDUs installed correctly?

  • Is the PDU earthed correctly with star washer?<br>

Power Cords

  • Yellow PDU cords clearly labelled 1A - 9A and 10A - 17A?

  • Green PDU power cords clearly labelled 1B - 9B and 10B - 17B

Switches and hardware.

  • The photo shows the correct mounting positions for the switches.

    no label
  • The switches are mounted in the U positions as shown.

  • The photo shows the correct mounting points for the rear Baytech and Olsen PDUs.

    no label
  • Baytech and Olsen PDUs are mounted correctly

  • The photo shows correct switch patching:

    no label
  • The switches are correctly patched.

Additional Checks

  • Velcro should be evenly spaced as shown.

    no label
  • The velcro is tidy and evenly spaced.

  • Confirm correct position of ITM Test Label location at bottom left corner of the cabinet?<br>

  • The ITM label should be positioned as shown:

    no label
  • Have test results been checked and downloaded?

  • Perform visual check?

  • Any other comments:

  • Enter the ITM Cabledesk URL i.e.

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