General Site Safety

  • State, Federal, and OSHA posters posted?

  • Company safety manual readily available?

  • First aid kits available?

  • Emergency contact information posted?

General Housekeeping

  • Site is neat and organized?

  • Work areas clear from obstructions?

  • Adequate lighting?

  • Are impalement hazards protected?

Fire protection

  • Fire extinguishers readily available?

  • Fire extinguishers charged?

  • Fire extinguishers inspected and tagged?

  • Flammable materials properly stored?

  • Gas cylinders properly stored and secured?

  • Hot work/burn permits used when necessary?


  • Hard hats

  • Safety glasses

  • Hand protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Safety vests

Electrical Safety

  • Cords inspected and in good shape?

  • GFCI in use

  • Cords protected from damage? (metal stud track, door ways, etc)

  • Proper clearance from overhead power lines?

  • Temp lighting properly hung?

  • Lockout/tagout

  • Electrical rooms and panels properly labeled and protected?

Fall protection

  • Do workers above 6 feet have proper fall protection?

  • Body harnesses being properly adjusted and worn?

  • Floor and deck openings labeled and protected?

  • Workers below protected from falling objects?

  • Unprotected edges properly protected?


  • Power tools being used properly?

  • All guards in place?

  • Tools are maintained and in good condition?


  • Scaffold components are in good condition

  • Proper access to the scaffold

  • Erected on solid ground with base plates and mud sills

  • Guard rails in use after 10 foot elevation

  • Secured to structure after exceeding 4:1 ratio (height:base width)

Excavations and Trenching


  • Proper protection for trenches deeper than 5 feet (benching, sloping, shoring, or trench boxes)

  • Means of egress every 25 feet

  • Spoil piles and equipment minimum 2 feet from edge of excavation

Cranes and Lifting

  • Proper rigging

  • Rigging is in good shape

  • Swing radius protected

  • Is crane on stable ground with proper cribbing under outriggers?

Aerial Lifts

  • Body harnesses for boom lifts

  • Scissor lift safety chain or gate closed


  • SDS sheets available

  • Containers properly labeled

Corrective Actions

  • Corrective actions to be taken, by who, and when

Sign Off

  • Auditor

  • Site representative

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