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  • Where medication issues raised at the last Audit/inspection?

  • If so have they been resolved

  • Is there a policy and system in place for safe and appropriate medication administration?

  • Are medications reviewed by a GP every 6 months?

  • Are records available?

  • Are patient information leaflets available for medicines?

Supply of medicines

  • Are all prescribed medicines, dressings and appliances for use by individual patients?

  • Is there a written procedure for ordering, receipt, storage, administration and disposal of medicines that meets the latest standards?

  • Is an appropriate supply system used? Eg bottles/MDS

  • If MDS, is the system used correctly?

  • Is a supply available for individual residents? (no borrowing/sharing)

  • Are medicines clearly labelled?

  • Are multiple packs labelled individually?

  • Is a standard prescription period used in the home

  • Do any service users or family buy medicines for the service user to take?

  • Has all the medicine which has been received been appropriately logged and recorded?


  • Are the medicines stored in a locked cupboard/trolley?

  • Is the trolley secured to "the fabric of the building" when not in use?

  • Where are sip feeds stored, ie Thick and Easy

  • Are the keys held by a designated person?

  • Is the key holder listed on a registrar of suitably trained staff.

  • Is there a suitable handover process for the keys at the start and end of each shift? If yes what happens to the keys?

  • Are spare keys secure?

  • Is medication trolley/cupboard cleanliness acceptable?

Refrigerated items

  • Are appropriate medicines stored in a lockable fridge? If no where and how are they stored?

  • Maximum/ minimum fridge thermometer used and reset daily?

  • Temperatures recorded daily and in the range 2-8 centigrade?

  • Are only fridge medication lines stored in the fridge? If no what else is stored?

  • Is fridge cleanliness acceptable?

Controlled drugs

  • Are all CD's stored in a separate, locked metal cabinet?

  • Does this comply with the misuse of safe drugs requirements?

  • Are there spare keys available, where are they kept?

  • Are the keys stored in a safe location?

  • Is there a CD register in use?

  • Does the CD register conform to current specification?

  • Is there a written procedure that details the system of ordering, receipt, administration and disposal of CD's within the care home?

  • Does the current stock match that recorded in the CD register?

  • Are there two staff signatures for every entry?

  • Are CD stock levels checked at every administration?

  • How often are balances counted, and checked?

  • Are all records up to date?

  • Are CD's disposed of correctly?

  • Administration of CD's recorded on MARR and CD register?

Labelling and Safe Administration

  • Is there clear labelling of all medicines?

  • Are all administration instructions on medication clear enough to ensure accurate administration? If any read "as directed" or similar, what action has been taken to gain directions?

  • Is there a MARR's chart available for all residents taking medicines?

  • Is the MARR's chart completed correctly and legible at the time of this audit?

  • Resident 1, All the MARR's Chart has been completed up to date and time correctly and legibly. ( please list resident identifier in notes).

  • Resident 2, All the MARR's Chart has been completed up to date and time correctly and legibly. ( please list resident identifier in notes).

  • Resident 3, All the MARR's Chart has been completed up to date and time correctly and legibly. ( please list resident identifier in notes).

  • If the medicine has a variable dose is the actual quantity given and recorded?

  • Is the prescriber informed after an agreed number of doses have been refused and this is recorded?

  • Medicine 1, Do the stock levels match those calculated on the MARR's chart? (pick one random medicine and list in notes).

  • Medicine 2, Do the stock levels match those calculated on the MARR's chart? (pick one random medicine and list in notes).

  • Medicine 3, Do the stock levels match those calculated on the MARR's chart? (pick one random medicine and list in notes).

  • Is there a system in place to keep the MARR sheet up to date after changes have been made to the medication by the prescriber?

  • Is the pharmacy informed of medication changes? How?

  • Is the medication always administered directly from a container labelled by the pharmacy?

  • Is there a process to administer medicines if the service user is out of the home at the time medicine should be given e.g day centre?

  • If an MDS system is used, is this being used appropriately?

  • Are there named, dated photographs for all service users?

  • Can staff easily identify people with allergies? How?

  • Does the home have a written procedure to deal with and record medication errors?

  • Question staff member about procedure of medication error reporting, did they describe the procedure well? (list staff member questioned in notes)

  • Are residents able to consent to treatment ?

  • Are medicines supplied for leave/day care clearly recorded?

  • Are all dressings, catheters and bags used recorded? How?

  • Are all expiry dates checked regularly and is there a record kept?

  • Are short life medicines dated on ending?<br>(Eg insulin vials usually have a 4 week life, eye drops and ointments 28 days after opening)

  • Is medication ordered from anywhere other than the usual pharmacy recorded on the MARR chart with two staff signatures.

  • Is the stock levels of medication checked before reordering?

  • Is there an up to date list available of staff able to administer medicines with examples of their signatures and initials?

  • Do we have a copy of local guidelines eg wound, continence and sip feeds?

Self Medicators

  • Are there any self-Medicators?

  • Are the methods to monitor self-Medicators appropriate?

  • Are there risk assessments available for these self Medicators ?

  • Have the self-Medicators signed a waiver form?

  • Does the resident have lockable facilities for safe storage of these medicines? And do staff have access with permission?

  • Does the home order medication for these residents?

  • Does the home have a self-Medicators policy?

Medication Training

  • Have all staff responsible for administering medication received the appropriate training? And can this been demonstrated?

  • Have these staff been assessed as competent in the work place?

  • Number of staff administering medicines?

  • Number of staff that have received the appropriate training?

  • Date of the last Medication Administration training day?

  • Who carried out the Training Session?

Safe system for disposal of medicines

  • Return books available

  • All medicines to be returned are recorded?

  • Where he return book is used to document returns is there a staff signature on all occasions?

  • CD's returned on a separate sheet, and handed directly to the driver?

  • Entry made in CD register and stock level updated?


  • Does the home have an appropriate reference source for medication? Eg BNF.

  • Are there systems in place to facilitate information sharing regarding medication when the resident moves from one care environment to another?

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