• Medication Inspection Assessment: Patient Care Areas

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared By:

  • Area of Inspection

Crash Carts

  • Locked upon inspection

  • Lock number matches number in book?

  • Are all medications currently in date?

  • Attach picture of outdated item

  • Are all medications stored appropriately to maintain product stability and integrity (refrigeration, light protection)?

  • Attach photo of inappropriately stored medication

  • Crash cart log sheet signed daily by nursing to verify locks integrity?

  • Please attach a photo of the Crash cart sheet(s)


  • Are all medications currently in date?

  • Please attach photo of outdated medication

  • Controlled substances properly secured?

  • Are there outdated narcotic medications?

  • Did you remove them and return to EIB bin?

  • Check box to verify you have checked both the label and paper dispenser

  • Check box to verify you have cleaned the screen, keyboard, and scanner with PDI wipes


  • Is the REFRIGERATOR clean and non cluttered?

  • Please attach a photo of the dirty/cluttered REFRIGERATOR.


  • Are the SERVIDORS clean and non cluttered?

  • Please specify room numbers of dirty/cluttered SERVIDORS and/ or attach photo.

  • Are the SERVIDORS locked upon inspection?

  • Please document unlocked room #'s of SERVIDORS.


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