• Has previous audit report been closed out


  • Has asbestos survey been issued were applicable and information given to subcontractors

  • Is CDM Coordinators information available on site

  • Is the health safety plan on site and is it signed by the Project Manager / Site Manager

  • Are there any community benefits schemes in place and local resident been informed of works

  • Is there and induction process in place and records available

  • Have Medical record forms been used

  • Has a risk assessment of site activities been carried out by the site Manger

  • Have RAMS appraisal forms been completed and signed by subcontractor supervisor

  • Are subcontractors RAMS been signed by those involved in the task

  • Have PUWER and LOLER registers been completed

  • Has electrical register been issued to contractors for the PAT testing of their equipment

  • Are site services drawings on site including Gas, Water, BT, Electric and Fibre Optic Cable

  • Have any safety observations been undertaken

  • Have any safety notices been issued

  • Are subcontractors wearing colour coded hi vis as per company requirements and is it either their own or K&C

  • Have toolbox talks been carried out and do they include everyone on site

External Access

  • Is there adequate signage displayed and is it clean and in good order

  • Is emergency access unobstructed

  • Is hazard board displayed and up to date.

  • Protection of the public - is fencing secured

  • Are the routes to the office signposted

Hazard Controls

  • Are overhead cables identified with goal posts and butting

  • Are underground cable identified and marked so that others can see them.

  • Is the electrical distribution secured and signed

  • Are excavations battered back or trench boxes in use - area segregated with fencing

  • Is there adequate lighting available for safe passage around the site

  • Are 110 volt tools only- being used on site

  • Are any slip trips falls hazards controlled

  • Are any Housekeeping issues on site controlled

  • Is No smoking signage displayed - designated smoking areas

Traffic Management

  • is there a traffic management plan drawn up by the site manager

  • Are there controls in place to segregate vehicle movements from pedestrians on site.

  • External road clean and fee from mud

  • Parking areas allocated and vehicles parked safety

  • Use of banksman when needed


  • Is there a fire plan marked up and conveyed - Fire log used

  • Has a fire drill been carried out

  • Fire extinguisher points available in the building and extinguishers in date

  • Fire alarm system in place and adequate

  • Hot works permits issued for the day and signed - controls in place

  • Flammable substances stored securely

Plant and Machines

  • Machine Drivers competent and training cards recorded

  • Plant in good order and daily checks undertaken by the operator

  • mirrors, lights and safety belts - safety pins in quick hitch , CCTV

  • Permit to dig in place


  • Visitor signing in point available

  • PAT testing regime in place

  • Electrical register issued to subcontractor for PAT testing

  • Accident book available

  • Any accidents reported since last audit

  • Accident investigations carried out

  • First aid kit available and stocked

  • First aider identified and first aid register filled out

  • Health and Safety banner displayed and filled

  • Site Manager SMSTS trained

  • F10 up to date and Insurances displayed


  • Site Cabins tested

  • Heating, lighting available

  • Hot and cold running water available

  • Kettle and microwave available

  • Welfare clean and tidy

  • Toilets clean and occupational health posters displayed

Work at height

  • Scaffold inspected and tagged

  • Scaffold erected to SG4

  • Tower scaffold erected properly with guardrails and toeboards in place- Tower tagged

  • Ladders and step ladder inspected Class 1 - tagged

  • Loading bay gates closed when not in use

  • Internal fall controls in place

  • Safe Access to work at height

  • safety harnesses being worn were appropriate

  • Where trestles are in use is handrail system in place and safe access available

  • where safety fall bags are in sue are the used correctly and clipped together

  • Where MEWPS are in sue are they being used correctly - restraint harness, area segregate , fall zone.

  • Appropriate equipment for the task being used WHA hierarchy

  • If netting is in use has it been inspected and handover certificate issued


  • Have COSHH assessments been carried out for all potentially hazardous substance being used on site

  • Are there appropriate control systems in place and PPE available and being used


  • Has a competent person been appointed to overs the demolition operation

  • Has the structural stability been checked and temporary supports been installed where required

  • Are any temporary works designs required

  • Have all service been disconnected

  • is the area securely segregated with barriers and signage displayed

  • IS there adequate dust suppression in place

  • Are there suitable noise controls in place

  • Is there suitable lighting available were required

  • Is demolition material being removed from site on a regular basis and not allowed to accumulate

  • Are demolition operatives adequately trained, supervised E

Environmental Management

  • Are there any invasive plates, if so are precautions adequate

  • Are there any TPO's (tree protection orders in place)

  • Have all practical measure been taken in increase energy efficiency on site

  • Are spill kits and spill trays available

  • Waste transfer notes available

Lifting equipment

  • Is there a competent person in charge of the lift to coordinate lifting operations

  • Is there lifting plan in place

  • Has lifting equipment been tested and is it regularly inspected

  • Is the crane operator trained and competent

  • Have ground checks been done and is there sufficient space for it to operate safely

  • Are any overhead services identified and goal posts, bunting and signage in place

Risk assessments and Method statements

  • Are method statements and risk assessments available on site

  • Has the Site Manager carried out and appraisal of each RAM's and have all operative signed the document

  • Has the site manager carried out a random inspection of the adequacy of a subcontractors RAMS

Temporary Works

  • Is there a design available for temporary works

  • Has a competent temporary works Designer been appointed

  • Has a competent Temporary works coordinator been appointed

  • Is there a Temporary Works supervisor appointed

  • Is there a temporary works register and is it maintained

  • Are RAM's available for temporary works

  • Is there a permit to load and permit to strike procedure in place

  • Other

Sign off

  • I confirm that I have had the contents of the report explained to me

  • Site Manager

  • Person conducting the audit

  • Audit finished

  • Actions to be resolved ASAP any work deemed unsafe is to stop until adequate controls are put in place.

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