Date and Time

Inspector's Title

Inspector's Contact Information

Describe present phase of construction

Type of inspection:

Has there been a storm event since the last inspection?

Storm Start Date and Time

Amount of precipitation

Weather at the time of this inspection?

Have any discharges occurred since the last inspection?

Are there any discharges occurring at the time of this inspection?

Are all slopes and disturbed areas not actively being worked on properly stabilized?

Maintenance needed?

Are natural resource areas (e.g., mature trees, vegetative cover, etc.) protected with barriers or similar BMPs?

Maintenance needed?

Are perimeter controls and sediment barriers adequately installed (keyed into substrate) and maintained?

Maintenance needed?

Are discharging points and receiving waters free of sediment and debris?

Maintenance needed?

Are storm drain inlets properly protected?

Maintenance needed?

Is the construction exit preventing sediment from being tracked into the street?

Maintenance needed?

Is trash/litter from work areas collected and placed in the dumpster?

Maintenance needed?

Are washout facilities (e.g., paint, stucco, concrete) clearly marked and maintained?

Maintenance needed?

Are vehicle and equipment fueling, cleaning, and maintenance areas free from spills, leaks, or any other deleterious materials?

Maintenance needed?

Are materials that are potential stormwater contaminates stored inside or under cover?

Maintenance needed?

Are non-stormwater discharges (e.g., wash water, dewatering) properly controlled?

Maintenance needed?


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