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  • Site conducted

  • Health and Safety Compliance Audit for PTSB Contractor

  • Assessor name

  • Location
  • Conducted on

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General information

  • General information on Contractor

Safety Statement Arrangements

  • Is the company level safety statement available to personnel?

  • Is the current site-specific safety statement available, up to date and communicated to personnel?

  • Is the risk assessment available, up to date and relevant?

  • Has the safety statement been communicated to all staff?

  • Has any member of Senior Management been allocated responsibility for health and safety within the business?

Planning and implementation

  • Are risk assessments specific to the tasks and locations?

  • Are recommendations from risk assessments tracked to closure?

  • Are method statements complete for specific tasks?

  • Are there safe systems of work developed following risk assessment for all maintenance activities?

  • Is there a permit to work system in place for contractors with regard to work at heights, work in confined space and hot work?

  • Are training records of staff maintained and up to date?

  • Are training records of sub-contractors requested and retained on file prior to commencement of works?

  • Is induction training performed for all staff?

  • Is induction training provided to sub-contractors?

  • Is there a personal protective equipment register in place?

  • Is there a register of all equipment requiring statutory inspections e.g. (lifting, lifelines)?

  • Are there statutory tests and inspections performed in accordance with statutory requirements and are these inspections up to date?

  • Is there a procedure for recording defects in equipment (including electrical)?

Monitoring, performance and review

  • Is there an approved contractor register in place?

  • Are Contractors Safety Statement Requested?

  • Are Contractors required to submit Site Specific Risk Assessments and Method Statement prior to commencing work?

  • Is there a programme of planned internal health and safety audits?

  • Is there a programme of health and safety audits for sub-contractors?

  • Does the audits address procedural aspects of the work environment such as safe systems of work?

  • Does the audit allow for the classification of hazard potential when substandard conditions and acts are observed?

  • Is there a method for tracking and closing recommendations?

  • Are health and safety objectives regularly reviewed with progress reports being made to Senior Management?

Fire Safety

  • Are staff familiar with how to operate the fire alarm (silence alarm) and are clear instructions posted and code known?

  • Are arrangements in place for inspecting and maintaining the fire alarm system and records stored centrally maintained as required by the Acts, regulations, guidance and standards?

  • Does the location have a specific fire risk assessment completed by a competent person, over and above the recognition of fire in general risk assessment as a general hazard in the workplace ?

  • Are arrangements in place for the installation, maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers with records kept on file?<br>

  • Has training been provided to staff in the use of fire fighting equipment/extinguishers

  • Are arrangements in place for the regular testing of the emergency lighting system as required by regulations, standards and guidance?

  • Are fire door certificates retained on file?

  • Is there a maintenance contract in place for sprinklers, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and the fire panel?

Emergency Arrangements

  • Is an emergency evacuation plan in place and have action plans been posted in relevant locations?

  • Is the emergency evacuation plan is drilled at least once every 6 months and are the results of the drill documented?

  • Are all emergency assembly points designated, signposted and appropriate for the site?

  • Any additional comments

Physical Environment

  • Are service contract arrangements for the boilers/heating system in place, with records kept on file, to ensure legal compliance?

  • If there is a lift, or lifts, present have the service contract arrangements in place to ensure legal compliance? Are records kept on file?

  • If there are lifting points, fixed anchor points or roof lines present have the inspection and record keeping arrangements been confirmed with facilities prior to audit commencement?

Work at Height

  • Are ladders or other work at height equipment provided suitable, in good order, clearly marked with a unique identification and inspected according to the regulations and HSA guidance?

  • Have working at height risk assessments been carried out?

  • Is work at height training complete?

Electrical Safety

  • Has a Periodic inspection and test of the facility has been completed within the last 5 years as per the regulations and HSA guidance?

  • Is portable electrical equipment inspected and PAT tested as required by regulations?

  • Any additional comments

Manual handling

  • Have staff received training in manual handling?


  • Is there evidence that contractors have signed on the relevant form to acknowledge the presensce of ACMs in the branch

  • Additional comments


  • Is there a named person / sub-contractor responsible for the management of legionella?

  • Is there a water treatment programme in place?

  • Are maintenance certification for water tanks available?

  • Are there records on inspection, maintenance and remedial measures for Legionella management?

Hazardous Materials

  • Are all hazardous substances (chemical agents) present in the branch stored safely, Safety Data Sheets available and suitably labelled in line with legislation and guidance?

  • Are Chemical Risk Assessment Complete for hazardous substances?

Accident reporting and investigation

  • Is there a formal system for the reporting and investigation of accidents?

  • Does the organisation carry out root cause analysis to identify underlying and direct causes?

  • Is there a tracking system in place for closing out corrective actions?

  • Is there a monitor and review system in place for accidents and near misses?

Canteen, Kitchen

  • Fire Protection measures in place (fire extinguishers, fire blanket and detectors)?

  • Fuel supply for cooking equipment has an automatic shut-off valve when extinguishing system activates?

  • Deep-fat fryer units controlled and provided with high-temperature shut-offs; overflow gutters provided?

  • Exhaust system(s) cleaned by qualified service contractor?

  • Operable automatic dry-chemical extinguishing system in hood and duct above ranges, grills and fat fryers? Installed and tested?

Workstations and Display Screen Equipment

  • Are suitable workstations, chairs and equipment in use in compliance with the DSE regulations and guidance?

  • If pregnant employee is present, has a pregnant employee risk assessment been conducted?

COVID 19 Awareness

  • Is there a Return to work plan in place, in line with Government’s Living with COVID-19 plan?

  • Has a local Covid 19 Worker Rep appointed for the location?

  • Are all staff aware of who the Lead Worker Representative is?

COVID 19 Control Measures

  • Are there posters/ signage informing workers of correct respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene displayed?

  • Is the Isolation Room identified?

  • Is Isolation room adequately stocked?

  • Have break areas and times been established to comply with physical distancing, by for example placing tables and chairs apart, staggering brakes?

  • Are arrangements in place for safe queuing with social distancing or for people to access, egress and circulate the building?

  • Are arrangements in place ensuring social distancing/ separation in the back office areas?

  • Have staff access to face coverings or face shields while working in close proximity with others?

COVID 19 Cleanliness & Hygiene

  • Is there access to hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes/ spray for all staff?

  • Are bulk quantities of alcohol based sanitiser stored appropriately to minimise fire hazard?

  • Are cleaners keeping records of increased cleaning of touchpoints?

Close out

  • Key audit findings communicated to the branch manager or deputy

  • Name of client contact

  • Completed

  • Signature of CMG Consultant

  • Name of CMG Consultant

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