Slips, trips and falls

  • Are floors clear of debris and trip hazards?

  • Are aisles, hallways, and exits free of obstruction?

  • Are floor surfaces dry and free of slip hazards?

Benchtops and shelves

  • Is there enough open benchtop space to safely perform research?

  • Are all items secured and not hanging over edges?

  • Are trough sinks protected to prevent accidental spills?

  • Are materials stored securely and limited in height to prevent collapse?

  • Are overhead shelves stable and bookcases anchored to wall?

Sinks and drains

  • Are the sinks stained?

  • Are chemicals stored in sinks without secondary containment?

  • Are chemicals stored on the floor, or near floor drains without secondary containment?

  • Is chemical waste properly disposed of and not poured down the drain?

Food and drink

  • Are all freezers and refrigerators in the space labeled "no food and drink allowed"?

  • Are freezers and refrigerators free of food and drink for human consumption?

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

  • Are combustibles stored away from electrical or heat sources?

  • Are all outlets and switches in good repair?

  • Are all junction boxes covered?

  • Is 36" clearance maintained in front of electrical panels?

  • Are electrical panels secured?

  • Are there power cords, extension cords, or power strips in the space?

  • Are power cords/strips used as designated? (No daisy chains, extension cords not used as permanent option)

  • Are all cords in good repair (not damaged or frayed)?

  • Are grounding pins intact on power and extension cords?

  • Are all extension cords industrial weight (not household weight)?

  • Are all live and/or moving parts properly guarded?

  • Is the space free of cheater plugs?

  • Are electrical outlets near water protected by GFCI?

Fire safety

Fire Protection

  • Are exit doors fire doors?

  • Is the door self-closing?

  • Is the door maintained in closed position (i.e. not propped open)?

  • Is 18" of vertical clearance maintained below all sprinkler heads?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher nearby?

  • Are fire extinguishers current on monthly and annual inspection?

  • Do fire extinguishers show as charged?

  • Are fire extinguishers easily accessible and not blocked?

  • Are fire extinguishers mounted to the wall and not free standing?

Emergency egress

  • Are you able to open all exit doors without interference?

  • Are doors that could be confused as exit doors clearly marked?

  • Are exits clearly visible?

  • Are Emergency Exits signs in working order?

  • Are emergency exits free from obstructions?

  • Are corridors and stairwells clear of debris and not used for storage?

  • Is emergency lighting in working order?

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

  • Chemicals/hazardous materials are stored in room

  • Are all hazardous materials stored in secondary containment?

  • Does the room have a current chemical inventory?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets made available for all chemicals in the workspace?

  • Are chemicals stored by compatibility?

  • Are all chemicals stored in tightly closed containers?

  • If chemicals are on shelves, are they secure and at or below shoulder height?

  • Are chemical containers in good condition (not rusty, crusty, dusty)?

  • Are chemicals labeled in plain English with name, contents and hazards?

  • Corrosives are used or stored in room

  • Are corrosives stored within corrosive cabinet?

  • Are acids and bases separated?

  • Are corrosive cabinets free of evidence deterioration?

  • Are containers structurally sound (no signs of deterioration, bearding or crusting)?

  • Flammable liquids are used or stored in room

  • Are flammables stored within flammable cabinets when not in use?

  • If flammables are in fridge or freezer, is the equipment spark-proof?

  • Are flammable cabinets closed when not in use?

  • Are flammable containers closed?

  • Are flammables stored away from sources of heat, flame, or ignition?

  • Are flammables stored away from oxidizers?

Spill Response

  • Is a fully stocked spill kit present in the room?

Chemical Inventory

Emergency equipment

Eyewash stations

  • Eyewash station in room

  • Is eyewash station in good working order (clean, free of debris, delivers water 60-100 degrees)?

  • Is there an "emergency eyewash station" sign above the eyewash station?

  • Is eyewash station inspected monthly?

  • Can eyewash be operated hands-free?

  • Is eyewash readily accessible (not blocked)?

Safety showers

  • Safety shower in room

  • Is there an "emergency shower" sign above the shower?

  • Are safety showers accessible and not blocked?

  • Are safety showers inspected monthly?

  • Are flow tests conducted annually?

  • If shower is located near electrical outlet, is the outlet GFCI?

Personal protective equipment

  • Is hand protection provided?

  • Is proper eye protection provided?

  • Is there an AU Laboratory Incident/Injury contact sign posted near the door or telephone?

  • Is everyone wearing long pants?

  • Is everyone wearing closed toe shoes?

Signs and postings

  • Is an AU Emergency/Incident contact sign posted near the door or landline?

First aid

  • Is there a first aid kit mounted on the wall?

  • Is the first aid kit fully stocked?

Waste management

Hazardous waste

  • Hazardous waste is generated or stored in room

  • Do all waste containers have a properly completed (contents, accumulation start date) hazardous waste label?

  • Are hazardous wastes allowed to evaporate?

  • Is all hazardous waste stored in tightly closed containers?

  • Are wastes stored by compatibility?

  • Is hazardous waste stored in secondary containment?

Glass waste

  • Glass waste is generated or stored in room

  • Glass waste box does not contain chemical waste, other than residue

  • Glass waste container is puncture resistant and structurally sound

  • Glass waste is below the top rim of the container, not overflowing

Universal waste

  • Universal waste is generated or stored in room

  • Are universal wastes stored in a closed, structurally sound container?

  • Are universal wastes properly labeled ("universal waste" and accumulation start date)?

  • Have any of the universal wastes been stored for more than 1 year?


  • Does door self-close?

  • Is room secured when no one is present?

  • Are occupants aware of how to use the room's security system?

  • Are controlled substances, radioactive materials, and other high hazard materials stored under lock and key?



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