• Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Trim container #

Initial Report

  • Registration:

  • State or Territory.

  • Expiry date:

  • Make:

  • Model:

  • Type:

  • Colour:

  • Vin/chassis:

  • Engine number:

  • Condition:

  • Is the vehicle in a dangerous position?

  • Add media

  • Add drawing

  • Does the vehicle appear locked and secure?

  • Add media

  • Is there damage?

  • Are the valuables or personal belongings visible?

  • Add media

  • Photograph front, back & sides.

  • Comments.

  • Compiled by:

Secondary Report

  • RMS DRIVES24 requested:

  • Date letter sent to last registered owner:

Third Report

  • Has the last register owner come forward?

  • Inform owner that if not removed or re-registered within two weeks, you will report to Police:

  • Letterbox drop:

  • Sticker & photograph:

  • Photograph:

Final Report

  • Request another RMS DRIVES24:

  • Request an impound

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