Access / Egress

Is the gangway at a safe angle, suitable for type?

Is the gangway secured correctly?

Is there a safe path to reception marked and all other paths barriered off?

Is reception manned and did you get a safety brief?

Is there evidence of contractors being familiarised with the vessel's emergency procedures?

General comments

Control of work

Are permits filled in correctly?

From a sample of closed permits, are the completed correctly?

Is there evidence of isolation (lock-out / tag-out) being used?

Are the Deck Risk Assessments to a standard suitable for the task?

Are the engine room Risk Assessments to a standard suitable for the task?

Are the tool box talks being recorded in the deck and engine room log books?

Has all lifting appliances and equipment been inspected by a competent person within last 12 months (take photograph of cert) and is there a colour code system in place to to identify certified lifting equipment? (05.07.07)

General comments

LSA equipment

Is the LSA equipment in correct location and in good working order? (Sample checked)

Is the rope for the life-buoy / smoke float free and untangled?

Is the fire extinguishers in the correct location and free from obstruction?

Are the fire boxes and contents in good working order?

Has both the fire pump and emergency fire pump been tested in the last month?

Are records available to show that samples of foam compound has been tested at regular intervals?

General comments

Documents / posters

Has the master published his standing orders?

Has the master completed the night orders?

Is the muster list up to date and in the correct format?

Is the LSA manual and FIFI manual readily available?

Is a copy of the PPE Matrix posted in accommodation?

Is the radio log book up to date? (Check section 2 and master signs on daily basis)

Are the Vroon vision, Mission, Golden Rules poster posted in a prominent place?

Has the Master received a full and in depth hand-over (including hand-over notes)?

Has the chief engineer received a full and in depth handover (including hand-over notes)?

Has the Bosun done a complete hand-over (including hand-over checklist)?

General comments


Is there any outstanding NCRs from previous audits or inspections?

Is there any outstanding items from previous accidents / near misses?

Has the vessel been reporting Safety Observations on a regular basis?

Has the master carried out a Masters Review?

Is the emergency contact list available and up to date (including annex 2)?

Has a formal management of change been carried out?

General comments


Is the garbage record book kept up to date and completed correctly?

Is the waste segregation being carried out as per the garbage plan?

Is the oil record book maintained correctly?

Is the OWS discharge valve secured?

Are all sight glasses closed and free (and not secured in the open position)?

If bunkering taking place, are all measures in place?

General comments

Drills and exercises

Has the vessel followed the company's drill matrix?

When did the vessel carried out an enclosed space drill?

When did the vessel carried out an emergency steering drill?

Is a copy of the annual ship - shore exercise available?


General comments

Personal Protective Equipment

Are all crew wearing appropriate, LE issued PPE for task, as per PPE Matrix?

Is the crew wearing Impact Resistant Gloves during loading and discharging operations?

Are the personal O2 and multi-gas detectors calibrated, charged and available?

General comments

Engine Room

Is the engine room in a tidy and safe condition?

Does the vessel have a ship specific bunkering procedure?

Is the list of critical equipment available?

Is there an assessment carried out for all power tools (including workshop tools)?

Is there guards in place for bench tools in workshop?

Has the Chief Engineer written his own standing orders and are night orders completed and have the watch engineers countersigned? (11.01.05)

General comments


Has the cook reviewed full hand-over notes?

Is the Galley cleaning schedule up to date?

Is the Galley and Messroom in a clean and hygienic condition?

Is the freezer / chiller temp records up to date?

General comments

Ships condition

Are reception areas, treatment room, bedding ward and survivor seating areas clean, tidy and clear of obstructions? (08.09.11)

Please give details of the general condition and housekeeping onboard

Conclusion and general comments

Conclusion and general comments

Inspection acceptance
Signiture, Safety Officer
Signature, Master
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.