ISM Internal Checklist

Is there any evidence of Shipboard Familiarization for newly joined? GMDSS, ECDIS, Bridge Hand over Checklist for Deck Officers?

Is the Emergency contact lists (SOPEP, security, ERT) available and up to date?

Is a muster station list and emergency instructions posted on the bridge and up to date? Is there a designated person for emergency communications?

Are all drills carried out as per schedule? Are drill evaluation recorded?

Are the last 2 QHSE Minutes available, along with acknowledgement from the office?

Have all permits been completed correctly (hot work, enclosed space, electrical, work aloft, pressurized system, critical equipment maintenance, underwater, etc). Check timings, signed and approved, not computer filled in.

Is there an enclosed space register? Signed by Company Safety Officer?

Have all accidents, Near Misses, NCRs been closed out by the vessel or office? (Check a recent accident, ask for the Q1 report).

Is there sufficient evidence to support compliance with Risk Analysis Procedure?

Is there any evidence of using Heavy weather checklist?

Is there a completed pre arrival and pre departure checklist?

Have the Master published his Standing Orders and is this signed by the Deck Officers?

Has the night order book been completed each night and signed by the Deck Officers?

Does the passage plan include Berth to Berth Info? (Either on the passage plan or referenced to pilotage plan)

Are all charts & Publications (including T&P, & Nav Area)up to date, check sample?
- charts
- sailing directions
- list of lights

Are all bridge equipment in working order?

Is the compass error and deviation checked each watch?

Last magnetic compass deviation calibration by shore? Posted?

Manoeuvring data posted on the bridge?

Is the AIS static data correct and current status correct?

When was the Emergency steering last tested? No more than 3 months?

Has an officer other than the master been nominated to handle communication during an emergency?

Poster GMDSS Operating Guidance for master's of ships in distress situations displayed at GMDSS station?

Watch schedule posted?

Is the UKC guidance followed as per SMS?

Is there IAMSAR publication on board?

Is the hours of rest completed and signed by the seafarer and the Master?

Is the Master aware of where to find his guidance on his overriding authority?


Has the Masters review been carried out by the Master? With office feedback?

Does the vessel have an up to date list of certification (trading certificate, SMC, DoC, ISSC, CSR, life boat fall wire)? (Name, company ID,address of company and ship type should be the same) and are the certificates identical to the certificates in AMOS?

Has a full & complete set of handover notes been completed by the off signing Master?

Is the random D&A test done + evidence? Alcohol meter in good condition and calibration up to date?

Has a Management of Change been carried out? and completed correctly

Is the Master aware on what to do in case of conflict between security and safety? SSP CHAPTER 2

Are flag state circulars complete and up to date?

A copy of Class Status report is available on board? No later than 3 months

NCR records are complete. The Master has tracking of outstanding and closed NCR? Evidence are available for all closed NCR as applicable.

Chief Officer

Is the Chief Officer familiar with finding procedures in SMS?

Are toolbox meetings carried out and documented? Are risk and safety precautions discussed and documented? Generic RA referred?

Are Permit for the Maintenance of Critical Equipment is use?

Do the waste receipts match the quantities stated in the garbage record book?

Are the records of the Salinity maintained (salinity logbook, 4 hours interval)?

Are departure and arrival stability calculations made? Does it pass all required criteria? Signed by Master? Annual test compared to published data?

Is the garbage record book kept up to date and completed correctly? (Disposal record and positions of discharging food waste over board (aligned with Ecdis)? Disposal of cooking oil recorded?

Are fire plans available correctly positioned and is the crew list updated?

Logbook entry of seaworthiness, securing cargo, closing all valves, watertight doors, lashings etc...?

Are you familiar with the operation of SVDR and when to activate accident recording?

2nd Officer

Are all bridge checklist in use? Is there evidence on file? In logbook entry?

Is the passage plan berth to berth?

Are all publication updated and with back up? Tide Tables for current year?

Is the AIS changed to current ship status?

Is there evidence of manual position fixing in port or while passing near islands?

Did the officer use the Passage Planning checklist? Can he provide evidence for each ticked items?

Is there a position where to switch on the echo sounder?

Is there a log book entry for change of con? Master ~Pilot, Pilot ~OOW?

Is a logbook entry for: name of pilot, fire rounds, Master random check of charts & pubs, testing of transmitting magnetic compass, compass error, radar performance monitor, change over to manual steering.

Is the medical log book indicates symptoms or complains when dispensing medicine to crew?

3rd Officer/4th Officer

Is there evidence of checking & testing of LSA & FFA equipment? Including correct number of spares?

Is there a record to monitor expiration of LSA & FFA equipment? Updated?

Is there a logbook entry of weekly and monthly inspection of LSA?

Is the officer familiar with GMDSS equipment and it's operation?

Are the fire plans on deck in good condition and crew list updated?

Engine Room

Is the OWS system effectively inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the PMS? when was the last test carried out?

Is the OWS discharge valve and Emergency Bilge suction valve secured?

Is there Evidence of Lock out / Tag our being put in place for isolations during permits? (Breakers, pad locks, other barriers)

Is there a completed (specific) ER Pre-arrival pre-departure checklist and is there an entry into the log book stating the same? (Check previous voyages)

If bunkering is taking place, is it being followed as per SBM? (Bunkering file, MSDS, samples + testing results) Are the crew familiar with maximum manifold pressure?

Has the bunkering checklist been completed correctly? H2S information is defined

Is there an alarm book for UMS (how do the alarms in this book relate to the records in the bridge UMS alarm book)

Can the Engineers show the list of critical equipments and critical spare parts in AMOS?

Chief Engineer

Has the Chief Engineers Hand Over Checklists been completed by the off signing Chief Engineer?

Are night orders made in daily basis?

Have you issued Chief Engineer Standing Orders (posted in Control Room)?

Is the planned Maintenance System being fully utilised and completed correctly?

Is there sufficient capacity remaining in the sludge and/or bilge water tanks for the intended voyage?

Are fuel tanks sounded weekly for stability calculations? (Check records in sounding book)

Are all defects reported to the company as per SBM? (Ask for current reported problems)

Does the company respond with in an acceptable time frame as per the SBM with regards to defect or repairs?

Has a test run of all:
- ventilation system
- dung pumps
- the primary and secondary source of power generators
- primary and secondary freshwater pumps
carried out before arrival in the load port?

Are there any overhaul intervals increased in running hours beyond the makers instructions (written authorisation by Superintendent must be onboard)? (Overdue maintenance, SI informed and approved?)

Has a minimal spares list been drawn up (are these spares available on board)? (AMOS)

Is the bunkering procedures fully implemented? Maximum manifold pressure known by all concerned? Chief & deck rovers are informed?


Is the cook familiar with ISF program and inventories? Updated?

Has the cook completed the galley cleaning schedule and does the galley appear clean and tidy?

Are the galley crew familiar with garbage disposal procedures? Cooking Oil?

Are the galley crew familiar with the fire fighting procedures and equipment in Galley?

Are cold room clean and Organised? No rotten vegetables, no provisions lying directly on deck?

Is there an copy of Generic RA in the galley? Crew familiar?

Cutting boards are clean and Color coded? Similarly Color coded knives?

Cut resistant gloves available in galley?


Is the crew aware of the Company Policies such as alcohol policy, security, safety and do they abide by them?

Are all crew aware of their responsibilities during an Emergency?

Can the crew contact the DPA and deputies? Do they know the name of DPA?

Do all crew demonstrate a good understanding of the control of work procedures?

Are the crew fully aware of the enclosed space entry procedures?

Can the crew open the SMS and find basic information such his job descriptions?

Are the crew familiar with "Leaders in Safety", interventions, awareness?

Walk Around

Are the vision, Mission and Golden Rules posted in a prominent place onboard? Updated?

Is the Muster List Posted in a prominent place and updated with the crew onboard?

Are all bins accommodation area and in Engine Room made of Non Combustable Material?

Is there a designated holding area for special waste? Such as for batteries, fluorescents.

Is the PPE Matrix Posted and is it being followed by the crew?

Are there MSDS sheets available (Paint store)? Chemical Room? RO room?

Is the gangway safe, accessible? SWL clearly marked and easily visible to user?

ISPS Internal Audit Checklist (Ship Security Officer)

Is the record of revision updated to latest changes to SSP and approved by Class?

Is the Company name, Contact details and Ship Specific Information correct? SSP chapter 1

Is the SSP kept in a secure location? SSP 16.2

Is the SSO familiar with the confidentiality of SSP? SSP 16.2

Is there a record of last internal/ external audit? NC closed? SSP 16.4

Is there an actual list of the last 10 ports? SSP app. I form 10

Is the SSO familiar with the access control procedures? SSP 10.3

Are all visitors to the vessel being asked for proof of Identity? SSP form 10

Is the Visitors Log being maintained? SSP FORM FO7

Are all restricted areas secured and properly marked/identified ? SSP chapter 11

Is there a record of key controls and inventory? SSP chapter 11

Is the SSO aware who set the Security Levels? SSP 5.1

Is the current Security Level being displayed? SSP Chap 5

Can the SSO identify the difference between the security levels? SSP 5.31

Is the SSO understand the purpose of DoS? SSP chapter 7

Is the SSAS Test being conducted at quarterly intervals? SSP APPENDIX L

Is the SSO aware of the action to be taken in case security level between ship and Port Facility is not the same? SSP chapter 5.

Is the copy of annual security drill available on board? SSP Chapter 3

Does the SSP procedure for receiving stores followed?SSP 13.3

Does the SSO aware of the procedures for unaccompanied baggage? SSP 10.4.2

Are regular security rounds in Port being recorded in log book? SSP chapter 14

Are Security Drills and Exercise being conducted in accordance with the SSP? SSP Forms in use? SSP Appendix J.

Is the SSO aware where to find Port Facility contacts? SSP 6.2

Are there records kept of Security Threats and Incidents? Breaches of Security? Changes in Security Levels?

Is the SSO understand the Ship to Ship interface? SSP 6.5

Are there any records of Security Equipment Maintenance? SSP chapter 9

Has the Security Plan been reviewed in the past 12 months, with an office reply?SSP 16.4.2

Is there a copy of BMP4 available on board?

Are SSP forms in use? SSP appendix I (Familiarisation form short and Long term training?

Is the Circular MSC 1156 available on board? SSP 10.4.6

Is there any evidence of stowaway and contraband search? SSP Form F06

Is the SSO familiar with Specific ship security procedures? Such as Arson, Disappearance of crew? SSP appendix F

CSO and SSO details posted?

Is the SSP have drawings or layout showing restricted areas and potential access?

MLC 2006

Is the following documentation available onboard and up to date?
- MLC 2006
- DMLC part I and II

Is the manning level in accordance with minimum safe manning document?

Are the crew documents in compliance with the latest mandatory requirements (Flag/statutory, COC, medicals, fire fighting and safety trainings, etc..?

Have all seafarers a Contract of Employment? All valid? Extensions of contract must be available if applicable.

Is there a table of shipboard working arrangements for all positions posted in public place?

Are Work and Rest hours maintained on daily basis? Are the duty officer and ratings on 0000 - 0400 hrs watch recorded the time they joined in morning drill?

Is there a up to date contact list for Medical Radio Advice?

Are records of inspections of seafarer accommodation carried out by Master?

Have all seafarers received monthly accounts of their payments due and amount paid?

Are frequent inspections carried out by the Master with respect to provisions, drinking water, food handling equipment and storage, galley and the preparation and service of meals documented?

Are onboard trading and familiarisation carried out and are records available?

Do all seafarers have a copy of the complaint procedure and is the complaint log up to date?

Are complaints handled in a timely, fair and effective manner?

Emergency Drill

Is the drill conducted satisfactory? Please explain details and evaluation of drills?

ISO 9001 2015

In 2017 de annual focus point is: the effectiveness of lessons learned.
- what is done with the AIR's received from other vessels?
- learnings punished in Bull's Eye?
- effectiveness of (preventive) actions taken as result of NC?

What are the stakeholders which are important to the vessel?

A. Clients
B. Crew
C. Office
D. Suppliers
E. Regulatory bodies

What are their needs and expectations?

A. Clients: reliability (as per contract)
B. Crew: payment (VFSM), safe environment

How it is ensured that these requirements are met?

What are the LE (quality) objectives?

How do you manage changes?

How do you capture and use knowledge?

How do you show your leadership to the crew regarding regarding ISO?

For the whole crew

Do you know what the relevant policies on board are?

Do you know what the relevant policies on board are?

What are the requirements of our clients?

How does the Captain discuss QHSE with the crew?

Auditor Signature
Masters Signature
Add drawing


Audit Summary

Non Conformity


Details of Non Conformity

Any picture evidence of finding

Suggested Close Out (to be completed by master)

Number of days to close finding



Details of Observation

Any picture evidence of finding

Suggested Close Out (to be completed by master)

Number of days to close finding

All findings Acknowledged and signed by Master

Masters Name

Masters Signature
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