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Pre-Inspection Info

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  • Full VIN

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  • Inspect Pintle hook for presence and tightness - all bolts in place

  • Inspect safety chains for presence and proper connection with Clevis pins

  • Check safety chains for properly attached hooks

  • Inspect trailer brake emergency controller for proper mounting and presence of pull cable

  • Inspect trailer plug for presence and no loose wires or connection to wiring harness

  • Picture of VCL


  • Check all Tires for proper inflation

  • Check all lug nuts for presence and proper torque

  • Check axle caps for presence and proper oil fill

  • Check axle hanger and spring for proper tightness and no missing bolts

  • Check rear bumper for presence and proper mounting

  • Picture of Axle Serial tags

Engine and Engine shroud

  • Check radiator fill level and cap tightness

  • Check engine oil level and cap tightness

  • Check PTO/Pump connections for tightness and leaks from hydraulic lines

  • Check air cleaner for secure mount

  • Check air air cleaner for filter Cartridge

  • Check muffler for secure mount

  • Check all muffler clamps for tightness

  • Check engine shroud door for for proper fit and and working latch

  • Check engine shroud for for presence of rubber isolators and proper tightness- all bolts present

  • Check engine mount feet and frame for proper tightness and all bolts present

  • Check oil dipstick for presence and accessibility

  • Check fuel tank and lines for tightness and leaks

  • Check fuel tank straps for tightness

  • Check fuel line at engine for proper connection

  • Check inside of fuel tank for debris - flashlight needed

  • Open blower housIng by removing hose or cover and inspect fan hub bolts for presence and T mark of main bolt signifying that fan bolt was tourque

  • Picture of Clutch placard

  • Picture of engine placard


  • Check battery for tight cables and proper pole connections - anticorrosive used?

  • Check all hopper marker lights for proper installation and working condition

  • Check all strobes for proper operation

  • Check all STT lights for proper operation

  • Check all wires loomed/ taped

  • Check for loose connections at all light and switch positions

  • Check for rubbing wires on through frame openings

  • Check all wires are secured with clips or hangers as needed

  • Dielectric grease all connections - EOH controller, light plugs etc.

  • Anti corrosive and dielectric grease used on ground studs, battery posts etc


  • Check hydraulic tank for proper mount and bolt tightness

  • Check out and return line fittings for tightness and leaks

  • Check hydraulic oil level

  • Check for hydraulic tank filter in filler cap

  • Check hydraulic tank sight gauge. Any damage?

  • Check main dump valve for proper mount to frame

  • Check dump valve for tight fittings and no leaks

  • Check dump valve for loom on all lines

  • Check electric over hydraulic unit for proper mount to frame

  • Torque lock all hydraulic fittings

  • Check electric over hydraulic unit for oil level and cap tightness

  • Check EOH tank for tight electrical connection from battery

  • Check for leaks in hoses and fitting to and from EOH

  • Check boom cylinder for proper mount

  • Check boom cylinder hoses for tightness - no leaks

  • Lift hopper and check for safety check valve and proper flow setting

  • Picture of EOH motor placard

  • Picture of Cylinder placard

Hopper and exhaust chute

  • Check lower exhaust chute for seal gasket and seal gasket grease

  • Check that all hopper screens are present and in tracks and bolted in

  • Check rear door for operation and tight fit

  • Check door seals are present and greased

  • Check door latches and grease

  • If barn door installed - check latch for operation - grease hinges

  • If barn door installed - check for latch chains and loops

  • Check for air deflector inside hopper

Boom and pickup hose

  • Check boom bearing joints are greased - ALL zerk fittings

  • Check proper hose connection to blower housing with bolt or quick disconnect

  • Check hose end for proper bolting in of quick disconnect hose

Manuals & controls placed in weather tight storage box

  • Verify the engine manual and any CD/DVD are placed in the weather tight storage box

  • Verify the TruckCorp manual is placed in the weather tight storage box

  • Verify any loose controls are placed inside the storage box.(boom control, etc.)

  • Verify Trailer breakaway sticker and warning paper was inserted with rest of literature.

  • Zip tie storage box shut once all contents have been verified

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