Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Name of risk assessment

  • Client

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Site photo

  • Photo of site externally

Description of the water services installation

  • Building description

  • Incoming main and cold water distribution

  • Hot water description

  • Stored cold water description

  • Stored hot water description

  • Showers in property

  • Other systems in property - sprinklers etc.

  • Dead legs and little used outlets

Scematic drawing

  • Draw a schematic drawing of the property

Temperature regime

  • Is an inspection or sampling of water taken from the base of the hws vessel taken annually to verify if debris is present?

  • Is hws being stored at between 50&60 degrees Celsius?

  • Is the hws vessel large enough to cope with demand?

  • Are operational procedures in place to heat the total contents to 60 degrees Celsius daily?

  • Are operational procedures in place to address when a hws vessel is in standby or out of use?

  • Have hot taps that are no longer in use been removed together with dead legs?

  • Do any infrequently used showers or taps exist?

  • If infrequently used showers or taps exist can these be removed, together with dead legs?

  • Where outlets are not regularly used are procedures in place for weekly flushing of these devices?

  • Are records being maintained for the flushing procedure?

  • Is water reaching 50 degrees Celsius after one minute at all outlets?

  • Are records of both hot water storage and outlet temperatures being maintained?<br>

  • Are stand by pump incorporated into the hws re circulation loop?

  • If stand by pumps are installed are procedures in place to incorporate the stand by unit into routine use?

  • Is the hot water pipe work pipe work thermal insulation complete and in good condition?

  • Is the water temperature at cold water storage outlet below 20 degrees Celsius after running water for 2 minutes?

  • Are records of cws outlet temps being maintained?

  • Are taps free from scale?

  • Are shower heads free from scale?

  • Are there any other points/notes to make towards scale/temperatures?

Water storage

  • Is the water storage clean?

  • Is there a bylaw 30 kit fitted to all tanks?

  • Are connected tanks connected in such a way to prevent stagnant water?

Other associated risks

  • Are there any spas, whirlpools, spray type air washers or other high risk items in the property?

Records held

  • Is a simple description of the water services available?

  • Is a plan/schematic drawing available and if so is it relevant?

  • Are complete and up to date details available describing and giving details of the responsible person?

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