• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Reason for inspection

  • Location
  • DWS No.

Building Site Inspection

  • Photo of site

  • Is the site able to be secured ?

  • Are sediment and erosion controls in place to prevent a pollution incident ?

  • DOC120215-0001.jpg
  • Add media

  • Are tree Preservation measures in place ?

  • Add media

  • Is a copy of the consent and plans on site ?

  • Materials on footpath or roadways

  • Add media

  • Is there site signage with relevant details in place ?

  • Add media

  • Emergency contact details

  • Are there onsite toilet facilities ?

  • Traffic Management


Site Contact details

  • Name of person spoken to on site ?

  • Their position (including company)

  • Their contact details

  • I the undersigned agree that a Leichhardt Council Officer has attended the subject site and has discussed the conditions of the applicable consent. The Officer has explained to me that failure to comply with these requirements may result in Council taking appropriate regulatory action.

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