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  • Quarterly - March, July, October and December

  • Personnel

Playground inspection

  • Are surfaces clean, free from obstacles, tripping hazards, broken glass and slippery areas?

  • Is the equipment structure sound? (Not loose, bending or showing visible damage to coatings and protective covers)

  • Are there any visible missing fixings, bolts, covers or caps?

  • Are all items secure?

  • Are there any exposed sharp edges, damaged or rough hand holds, rusting flaking paint or other surface conditions that may cause injury?

  • Are play equipment seats, walkways, netting, ropes, chains and shackles etc. in working condition

  • Is there excessive movement on equipment?

  • Have any trapping points been created?

  • Is there excessive noise or new noise when the play equipment is tested? (the equipment should move as expected)

  • Is there any erosion where the equipment is fixed to the foundations, general erosion

  • Are there any damaged fences, benches and playground furniture

  • Can any movement between the equipment and the ground/foundations be seen when the equipment is in use?

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