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  • Installation Date

Lidl Installation Sign-Off


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Pre Works Checks

  • Picture of Oven Area Prior to Works

  • Picture of Cabs Prior to Works

  • Picture of any Damage or Areas of Concern

Cabling Installation.

  • Network Ports Plates must be mounted securely to the wall.

    There must be no visible cracks or damage to the housing.

    The ports must be firm to the touch and securely connected.

    The ports must be clearly labelled as with the existing store standard (Device and Port Patch Information)

    Each port must be tested from socket to patch panel and correctly labelled

  • Patching:
    Schafer Rack

    Device Patch Panel Switch Port VLAN

    Oven 1 SCHAFER-P2-38 NS03 1 210

    Oven 2 SCHAFER-P2-41 NS03 4 210

    Oven 3 SCHAFER-P2-43 NS03 18 210

    Oven 4 SCHAFER-P2-44 NS03 27 210

    Oven 5 SCHAFER-P2-32 NS03 24 210

    Oven 6 SCHAFER-P2-34 NS03 23 210

    ATTOCK Rack

    Device Patch Panel Switch Port VLAN

    Oven 1 R2-P7-01 NS03 1 210

    Oven 2 R2-P9-01 NS04 1 210

    Oven 3 R2-P6-02 NS03 4 210

    Oven 4 R2-P8-02 NS04 4 210

    Oven 5 R2-P6-09 NS03 18 210

    Oven 6 R2-P8-09 NS04 18 210

Oven Cabling Installation

  • In each store where new structured cabling is required, the scope of works will be as follows:

    · Run up to 6 new CAT7 FFTP cables to new or existing oven location.

    · Seal and fireproof any walls where cables have been run through

    · Feed cables down existing trunking were installed. If no trunking exists, it must be provided and installed by the installers, running down the wall, terminating withing easy cable reach of the oven if not located directly behind the oven. All works undertaken must meet LIDL standards.

    · Installers to provide additional trunking in managers office if required

    · Installers to provide all materials required, including 50mm back boxes, CAT7 termination ports, CAT7 FFTP cable, trunking and all network modules at both ends of network cable.

    · Each port to be FLUKE tested and report created.

    · To attach a cat 6a network patch lead between new network port and oven, and between patch panel and switch. Please check Patching above for port details.

    · Once verified working, attach supplied patch lead into the network socket and corresponding oven. On the patch Panel, ensure ALL corresponding ports are patched into the correct switch port as detailed below and test the connection.

  • Picture of Oven Area - Total of 6 Data Points

  • Picture of Outlet Labelling

  • Picture of Ovens Patched to Data Outlets

  • Picture of Rack Patching - Ensure Cables tracing is visible from picture

  • Picture of Each Switch port patched with activity light showing

  • Description of Works Completed - New Cables, Replace Terminations, Replace Faceplates etc....

Comments/Snags (if any)

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Installation Sign-Off

Installation Sign-Off:

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