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  • Club Location:
  • Picture of Academy / CC Entrance

  • Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Kids Manager or KADH

  • Selfie with KM or KADH or Kids Leader

  • Auditor

Overall Snapshot: Sensory Experience

  • (2pts) Overall Energy

  • (2pts) Chaos

  • (2pts) Smell

  • (4pts) Parent Satisfaction<br>


  • (16pts: 2pts for each space) Kids spaces are clean and free of debris - <br>Check-in desk, DH/KM office, Bathrooms, Computer room, Infant room, Toddler area, Maze/Softplay, Outside play area and anywhere kids programming takes place. <br>(Gym/Studios)

Team Members

  • (8pts: 2pts for each area) TMs wearing nametag, branded LT kids uniform, following uniform guidelines: earrings, hair, footwear, promo shirts, HWOL fit and understanding of LT mission.

  • (2pts) Energy: Team Members having fun, being positive, energetic and ready to PLAY!

  • (3pts) Warm, friendly and helpful

  • (2pts) Assists children and parents as needed


  • (2pts) Following standard operating procedures

  • (2pts) Play safety breaks taking place hourly

  • (2pts) No children in red zones / 1 family at a time

  • (2pts) Team Members in all spaces occupied by children

  • (4pts) Following 4 safety P's: Plan/Scan, Prevent, Prioritize, and Play

  • (2pts) Equipment/Computers/IPads all in working order

  • (2pts) Children with Red Dot stickers in toddler room


  • (2pts) Appropriate TV usage (Approved CDs and DVDs)

  • (2pts) Marketing: Schedules, policies, newsletters, and programming info available

  • (4pts) Following standard operating procedures

  • (2pts) Following Activity schedule or PlaySpace schedule

  • (2pts) Team Member led activities every offered EVERY hour

  • (2pts) Team Member/s have high energy

  • (2pts) Kids engaged in play


  • (12pts: 2pts for each space) Child engagement in all Kids spaces: Computer room, Infant room, Toddler area, Maze/Softplay, Outside play area and anywhere kids programming takes place. <br>(Gym/Studios)


  • (8pts total) System binders: Daily audit, schedule/rotation, am and pm cleaning checklist, incident reports, behavior reports, child count sheet, manual sign-in, and infant reservations.

  • (2pts) Check-in: Identifying children correctly: Nametags, dots and wristbands (programming)

  • (2pts) KM/KADH knows Jr. Count and Jr. Goal expectations

  • (4pts) KM/KADH utilizing labor matrix/budget tracker: Can explain where they are compared to the budget for operations and programming

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