Team Members

General Team Member Information
Were the team members in uniform according to SOP (1pt), clean and pressed clothing (1pt), wearing a nametag (1pt)? (Standard uniform is black shorts, pants or capris and Summer Camp staff t-shirt. Athletic shoes and white socks).
Were the team members attentive to the group (1pt), spirited and enthusiastic (1pt), focused on their tasks (engaging) (1pt), and addressing campers by their names (1pt)?
Did the team members demonstrate appropriate interaction (1pt) behavior (1pt) and language (1pt) for the age group they were leading?
Were the team members providing a safe environment (1pt), and encouraging safe behavior (1pt)?
Were the team members able to identify (1pt) and resolve (1pt) problems?
Take a picture of team members (engagement and uniform).


Counselor Interviews
First Counselor Interview

Counselor Name:

How would you handle a child that will not participate in an activity (3 pts)?
What are the Summer Camp ratios (on site, off site, swimmer, non-swimmer, junior) (10 pts)
List any five of the Summer Camp safety policies (5 pts)? CHECK C: Checkout when proper ID shown, H: Head count every 30 min before after transitions, E: Engage and encourage campers, C: Campers Never left alone, K: Keep campers with assigned counselors
What is the correct procedure for checking a child out of camp (2 pts)?
Second Counselor Interview

Counselor Name:

How do you follow the Life Time Mission statement (4 pts)?

What is one example of the proper way to transition campers from one location to another (4 pts)?
How would you handle a child that was bullying another child (4 pts)?
What are the four steps in the discipline policy (4 pts)?
Verbal, inform parents, written warning and dropped from camp
How far does a child need to swim in order to pass the swim test (2 pts) and what is the non-swimmer ratio (2pts)?
25 meters


Manager and Supervisor Interviews
Manager Interview
What are the training requirements for Summer Camp Counselors (2 pts)
What are the ways in which you can control your Summer Camp labor (6 pts)?
What are the ways in which you can control your Summer Camp COGS (6 pts)?
What are ways in which you can drive Summer Camp revenue (6 pts)?
Camp Supervisor Interview
How would you address a team member not in uniform (6pts)?
What are the camp ratios and what would you do if camp was out of ratio (3 pts)? 10:1 onsite, 7:1 off-site / 6:1 jr camp / 7:1 rwall camp
List five Summer Camp safety policies (5 pts)?
How would you handle a parent who is upset because their child lost their swimsuit (3 pts)?

What is the correct procedure for checking out a child from camp (3pts)?

What information should you include in the weekly newsletter to parents (1pt)?

When should counselors receive and review next week's lesson plan (1pt)?

How would you address a counselor that was not adhering to the lesson plans (3pts)?

What is the procedure for dealing with a missing child (4 pts)? (Must list all steps to score)


Summer Camp Operations

Daily and Weekly Lesson Plan
Was the Daily Lesson Plan available (3 pts), weekly schedule prepared (2 pts) and being utilized by EVERY counselor (3 pts)?
If the camp is large enough, were campers grouped into activity blocks (i.e. A, B, C, etc.)? (3 pts)
Was the lesson plan adhered to (2 pts)? On time (2pts)?
Key Lesson Plan Elements: Fitness Stations/Community Connections/Arts & Crafts/STEAM Activities/Warrior Challenges/Nutrition Education being offered EVERY day (12 pts total / 2 pts for each element).
The Kids Manager can explain the execution / scheduled Community Connection for current week and upcoming weeks (4 pts).
Counselors effectively explain the academic connection or science behind each STEAM activity (4 pts).
Counselors effectively explain the importance of healthy eating and physical activity during Warrior Challenges, Fitness Stations, and Nutrition times(6 pts).
Skillastics is being used once per day (Minimum) during fitness warm-up fitness stations (4 pts).

If scheduled activities were not working, were the counselors able to improvise (3 pts)?


Set Up and Check-In
Was the check in table neat, tidy (1 pt), & correctly placed prior to campers arriving (1 pt)?
Take a picture of the Check-in Table.
Were the camp Ipads being utilized (1pt)? Were they stored in a secure location when not in use (1pt)?
Was the table stocked with blank participation agreements (1 pt), climbing wall waivers (1 pt), was the snack displayed (1 pt), camp binder (1 pt), Health and Medication log (1 pt)?

Were you present for check-in?

Morning/lunch/closing (LT Clubs) are set up and campers are engaged in activities (3 pts)?

Take a picture of LT CLUBS.
Were parents and campers greeted by name (1 pt), were the ipads or sign-in sheets available (1 pt), and being initialed by parents (1 pt). Were participants issued wristbands (1 pt), and name tags (1 pt). (spot check that red wristbands were given to children with allergies.)
Was the camper newsletter current (1 pt), available (1 pt), being handed out/emailed to parents (2 pts)? The newsletter includes Lesson Plan highlights (2 pts).
Were campers assigned/told their color/dot for the day (1 pt) and were they directed to place their belongings in the appropriate location (1 pt)?

Did you observe Express Drop Off?

Express drop off being offered (1 pt) and at least following the 45 minute standard (1 pt)?
Take a picture of Express Drop Off.

Was Express Drop-off appropriately staffed with enough counselors to assist and operate safely (2 pts)?

Are all Express Drop-off procedures being followed: directional signage (1 pt), curbside exit (1 pt), parents remain in vehicle (1 pt), roster/Ipad being utilized/signed (2 pts), lunch forms (1 pt), and wristbands utilized and applied (1pt)?


Start of Day

Were you present during the start of day (group circle)?

Did camp start on time (3 pts), were the campers gathered into a group (1 pt) and did the counselors have their attention (1 pt)?
Did the counselors introduce themselves to new campers (1 pt), and introduce new campers to the rest of the group (1 pt)?
Were the daily activities outlined (1 pt) and were the campers reminded about camp rules- Use branded sign-(2 pts)?

Were the campers belongings placed in an orderly fashion in the assigned location (1 pt)?

Was there a brief discussion about the theme/activities for the week/day (2 pts)?

Were warm-up activities being performed (1 pt) and were all campers actively participating (1 pt). Activities are fun, engaging and entertaining (1 pt), counselors participating, guiding and challenging campers (1 pt)?

Were campers divided into age appropriate groups (3 pts)?

Was the Daily Counselor List used (3 pts) and did each counselor have a copy (3 pts)?
Was the Daily Counselor List used (4 pts) and did each counselor have a copy ON them (pocket, lanyard, armband) (4 pts)?
Take a picture of the start of day.
Daily Activities

Did you observe craft/STEM/Warrior Training?

Was the activity being followed (1pt)?

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Did you observe gym activities?

Were the gym games and activities being run as scheduled in the lesson plan (1pt), were they structured (1pt), and age appropriate (1pt), and were most campers actively participating (1pt)? Alternative activities provided for campers that aren’t participating in planned game (1pt)?
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Did you observe the lunch break?

Was the lunch break taken at the planned time (1 pt), did all campers have lunch (if not was a meal provided)((1 pt), was the group sitting quietly while they ate in designated space (tarp/tables) (2 pts), were the counselors still engaged (1 pt), was there a designated area for campers with allergies (1 pt), and was everything cleaned up afterwards?

As children are wrapping up lunch are LT Clubs/quiet activities provided for the campers?

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Did you observe snack time?

Were snacks given at the scheduled times (1 pt), did the chosen snacks meet the SOP guidelines (3 pts)?
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Were bathroom and water breaks available to the campers every 90 minutes (1 pt)?

Name to face headcounts taking place before, during and after transitions (5 pts)?



Did you observe a swim time?

Were all non-swimmers wearing life jackets (4 pts) and black wristbands (4 pts)?
Were all new campers given a swim test (3 pts) and was the swim test log used (3 pts)?

Was the pool time structured so that campers had games and free time (3 pts)?

Were all counselors except one in the water with the campers (3 pts)?

Were all team members actively supervising their groups (3 pts)?

Were all counselors following the 1:3 ratio for non-swimmers (3 pts)?

Were all non-swimmers within 10 feet of their ASSIGNED counselor (3 pts)?

Did each counselor have an up-to-date counselor list for swimming (2 pts) and was it being correctly utilized at the pool (4 pts)?

Designated changing area provided for children and children provided with privacy as needed (2 pts)?

Designated meeting spot at the pool identified and utilized (2 pts)?

Camp Supervisor or Summer Camp Swim Supervisor present on pool deck (5 pts)?

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Did you observe climbing time?

Was the Auto Belay Inspection form completed correctly, before camp climbed each day (3 pts)?

Was the Auto Belay Inspection form filed in the Summer Camp Binder (1 pt)?

Did the counselor review the climbing rules with the campers (1 pt)?

Was safe equipment being utilized (harnesses, carabiners, etc.) (2 pts)?

Did the counselors complete the harness check (3 pts) and quickly and efficiently (1 pts)?

Were counselors clipping each camper in/out of the carabiners at the climbing wall (meaning campers were not clipping themselves in/out) (5 pts)?

Were the climbing wall rules enforced (3 pts)?

Were all campers actively climbing or engaged in activities (2 pts) and if not, were they sitting quietly along the entrance to the wall (1 pt)?

Were planned games and activities being followed (campers should not be sitting around or just left to free-climb) (3 pts)?

Take a picture of rock climbing.


Days End & Check-Out

Did you observe the days end and check-out?

Were the campers gathered together (1 pt) and did the counselors have their attention (1 pt)?

Was the lost and found bin available (1pt)?

Were the day's activities reviewed within the group (1 pt) and any notices given out to all campers/parents (1 pt)?
Did camp end on time (1 pt) and did clean up of camp areas take place after camp ended (1 pt)?

Did counselors ask to see every I.D. of every parent at pick-up (5 pts)?

Did counselors cross-reference the Participant Registration Report and confirm Authorized Pick-up for each camper before allowing campers to be signed out (5 pts)?

Were name tags and wristbands taken off of participants (2 pts)?

Were parents informed of any issues that arose throughout the day (2 pts)?

Take a picture of the days end circle.


General Policies

Were all campers wearing a visible name tag throughout the day (except for when they are in the swimming pool or on field trip day (5 pts)?

Prior to serving lunch or snacks, were counselors checking for campers with red wristbands to indicate food allergies - and if there were campers with allergies did they check the snack for any dangers (5 pts)?

Was the camper to staff ratio maintained throughout the day (5 pts)?

Were camp leadership and the Kids Manager available on walkie talkie throughout the camp day (5 pts)?

Was the Kids Manager or Camp Supervisor able to show that Counselor lists were accurately completed for field trips and each day of onsite camp (should have old lists to show) (5 pts)?

Was the Kids Manager or Camp Supervisor able to recite the correct procedure for completing and distributing Counselor Lists on Field Trip Days? (Correct procedure is to list the trip location and the date at the top, phone numbers for all counselors with groups, and copies should be given to the Front Desk, GM, and Member Services Manager.) (5 pts)?

Were both water and a first aid kit available at all times throughout the day (5 pts)?

Were all children appropriately monitored throughout the day (i.e. campers not allowed to use restrooms unattended, transition from locker room to pool w/o counselor, etc.) (5 pts)?


General Administration

Were camp registration forms organized (i.e sorted alphabetically or by program) (1 pt), and were they entered into BOSS (3 pts). (Sample files for campers in camp today).
Were counselors employee files available (2 pts), kept in a locked drawer or scanned network file (2 pts)?
EFT Binder being utilized (Accurate, signatures complete and payments ran) (6 pts)

Were the counselors files compliant with employee file checklist (2 pts) (sample files for counselors working today)?

Were the counselors that were working Basic Requirements classes (LTU) up-to-date (5 pts)?

Was the Participation Registration Report available (3 pts), were all campers listed (3 pts) and was all Participation Agreement information entered correctly (3 pts)?
Kids Manager has completed all paper and email versions of the newsletter for the entire summer (4 pts)?

Is the camp licensed?

Were licensing requirements being met (5 pts) and was the licensing binder up to date and available (5 pts)?
Neatness and Organization
Was the equipment and supply closet clean (1 pt), organized (1 pt) and was the door kept closed when not in use (3 pts)?
Take a picture of the supply closet.
Were the areas used for activities kept neat and organized (1 pt), was equipment put away after use (1 pt), was trash picked up continually (1 pt), and was the floor swept/mopped at the end of the day/activity (1 pt), were backpacks organized in designated areas (1 pt)?
Is the Managers office neat and organized? Counters free of clutter (1pt), floor free of clutter (1 pt), vacuumed (1 pt), windows clean (1 pt), desk neat and organized (1 pt)?
Take a picture of the managers office.


Marketing & Promotions
Were Summer Camp Guides available (3 pts) did they include the sponsored snack logos (3 pts)
Was the Activity Center staff equipped with necessary marketing materials (1 pt) and were they able to adequately answer summer camp questions (1 pt)?
Were the Account Managers equipped with necessary marketing materials (1 pt) and were they able to adequately answer summer camp questions (1 pt)?

Overall Atmosphere

Campers sense of enjoyment (15 pts)?
Fitness Experience (15 pts)?
Personal interactions between counselors, parents and campers (15 pts)?
Quality and Safety of camp (15 pts)?



Audit reviewed with Kids Manager and/or Summer Camp Supervisor?

Auditor Signature serves as verification:

Audit reviewed with General Manager

General Managers Notes/Comments:

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.