Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

  • Beach Open or Closed (If so what time, how long for and what time did it re-open)

  • Beach Location

  • Patrol Hours

  • Senior Lifeguard and Lifeguard on Duty

  • Weather Conditions

  • Air Temperature

  • Ocean Conditions

  • Ocean Colour

  • Water Temperature

  • Wave Size

  • Wave Type

  • High Tide

  • Low Tide

Rescue Equipment

  • Rescue Boards

  • Rescue Tubes

  • Radios

First Aid Equipment

  • Oxygen kit

  • Oxygen level

  • Spineboard

  • First Aid Kit Fully stocked

  • Methoxy available and locked away

  • Defibrillator

Plant Equipment if Applicable

  • Any damage

  • Rescue equipment in good working order

Statistical Data

  • Water Attendance 9am

  • Beach and Reserve Attendance 9am

  • Water Attendance 12pm

  • Beach and Reserve Attendance 12pm

  • Water Attendance at close

  • Total Attendance (All of the above)

First Aid Incidents

  • Total Minor

  • Total Major (Incident Report Required)

  • <br>Have you completed an Incident report

  • Ambulance or Police Required

  • Total Incident Reports

Preventative Actions

  • Swimmers

  • Craft

  • Fisherman

  • People in parking

  • Total Preventative Actions


  • Surf Craft

  • PWC/Boats

  • Dogs

  • Litter

  • Total Regulations


  • Total Board Rescues

  • Total No Other equipment rescues

  • PWC Rescues

  • Gender and Age (Please note totals in Gender and Age )

  • Notes ( Please add additional information if required)

  • Total Rescues

Signature of Lifeguard completing report

  • Lifeguard Name

  • Lifeguard signature

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