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  • Vehicle Registration

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Is the vehicle serviced according to schedule?

  • Is the engine in good working condition?

  • Is the water level correct?

  • Is the oil level correct?

  • Is the vehicle free of leaks?

  • Is the windscreen washer fluid topped up?


  • Are tyres at the correct pressure?

  • Are the tyres in good condition (including spare)?

Vehicle Body and Parts

  • Is there any new damage to the vehicle body?

  • Is the outside of the vehicle clean enough (hygiene)?

  • Are windows clean?

  • Are the windscreen wipers effective?

  • Is the interior of the vehicle clean?

Safety Equipment

  • Are fire extinguishers present and tagged/current?

  • Is the amber flashing beacon operational?

  • Is the first aid kit fully stocked?

  • Is the safety whip/flag present?

  • Is the reverse quacker operational?

  • Is the hand brake working efficiently?


  • Are the headlights working (high/low)?

  • Are the indicators working?

  • Are the reverse lights working?

  • Are the brake lights working?

  • Are the park lights working?

  • Are the tail lights working?

  • Are the hazard lights working?

List any other action items that need to be corrected

  • List any other action items that need to be corrected


  • Two-way radios

  • Alcoa radio

Vehicle Stocks

  • Tape

  • Metholated spirits

  • Pick/Mattock

  • Sample bags

  • Cable ties

  • Metal tags

  • Cardboard tags

  • Sample book

  • Pen

  • Hygeine signs

  • Nails

Emergency Items

  • Recovery strap

  • Recovery tracks

  • SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger


  • Employee 1

  • Employee 2 (if applicable)

  • Employee 3 (if applicable)

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