Documents and consents

  • EMP

  • MMP

  • SWMP

  • Consents

  • Previous site inspection

  • Permit to dig

  • Permit to pump

  • Permit to clear

Section 1: Management System

  • Have all previous site inspections been closed out?

  • Are weekly inspections being conducted and actions being closed out in a timely manner

  • Does the incident response plan cover all reasonably foreseeable risks?

  • Have site personnel received briefings on key environmental issues including U&As and understand the impacts

Section 2: Site management and housekeeping

  • Are working hours compliant with CoCP/s61/statement of intent?

  • Are hoardings of the correct height, suitable for providing acoustic screening, free of graffiti and posters, have correct/appropriate signage and are in good condition?

  • No unauthorised discharge of site run-off or effluent into drainage channels/ditches/watercourses or sewers?

  • Are wheel washing procedures provided on site?

Section 3: noise, vibration and nuisance

  • Is nuisance being managed in line with BPM, or, if in place, the conditions of S61?

  • Are there any noticeable odours on site?

Section 4: Air quality

  • Are plant and equipment well maintained with no visible smoke?

  • Are plant exhausts directed away from the ground and positioned at a height to facilitate appropriate dispersal of exhaust emissions?

  • Are dust suppression measures being used effectively and in line with EMP?

  • Materials, deliveries and loads entering/leaving site are adequately covered and vehicles aren't over loaded?

Section 5: contaminated land and remediation

  • Are known areas of contaminated land demarcated and avoided?

  • Are existing pathways, where there is contamination, through service or service trenches, sealed?

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