• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Work Order Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Planning (does the person....)

  • Ensure the people are competent to do the task

  • Inspect the area, tools and equipment before use

  • Identify and communicate any hazards or risks to fellow workers

  • Look at SWP or work instruction where available

  • Undertake a pre-start check

  • Identify permit requirement

  • Complete a Take-5/SWMS for the task

  • MSDS Available and has awareness of substances to be used

  • Identify the correct tools and equipment to carry out the task at hand

Body Posture (does the person....)

  • Position their body such that they avoid being struck, sprayed, crushed, pinned or in contact with a release of stored energy

  • Take care in looking where they are moving, walking or driving

  • Concentrate on the job at hand

  • Consider the general secure layout of the work area

Manual Handling (does the person....)

  • Lift correctly using their legs

  • Maintain balance, no over stretching or twisting whilst handling equipment

Driving and operating (does the person....)

  • Wear seat belts provided

  • Drive to the conditions of the roadways

  • Use the horn, indicators and lights as required

  • Use flagpole/whip aerial

  • Check to ensure emergency stop switches are working

Personal protecting clothing and equipment (is the equipment....)

  • In a good, clean state of repair

  • Worn as required and in line with identified inherent hazards

  • The correct type for the job at hand

Isolation and tagging (has the person....)

  • Applied positive isolation where required

  • Applied a danger/out of service tag as required

  • Used barrier tape or physical barriers where required

  • Additional behaviours to be observed:

  • Positive Feedback given to acceptable behaviours:

  • Feedback and action items raised to eliminate At-Risk Behaviours:

  • These items should be raised in the next toolbox meeting:

  • Signature of Observer:

  • If serious At-Risk Behaviour (eg breach of procedure) has been observed, refer matter to the Area/Depot Manager

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