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  • Personnel

Truck Cab - General Condition

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  • Clean/Free of Waste (Spills, Dust, Accumulation Cleaned Regularly)

  • Clear/Free of Obstructions (Loose Items in Cab Secured)

  • Hazard Triangles In Good, Working Condition

  • SmartDrive Cameras are Not Obstructed or Adjusted

  • Fire Extinguishers are Available and Accessible; Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags are In Place

  • Chemical Bottles are Labeled

Truck Exterior - General Condition

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  • Steps are Clean/Free of Accumulations, Obstructions; Not Damaged

  • DOT Numbers are Legible from 50 Feet

  • License Plates are Clean/Free of Accumulations

  • Adequate Reflectors on the Rear of the Cab

  • Headlights, Turn Indicators, and Break Lights are Clean/Free of Debris

Trailer - General Condition

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  • No Significant Material Build-Up on Top Of or Underneath Trailer

  • Steps & Ladders are Clear/Free of Obstructions; Not Damaged

  • Adequate Reflectors on the Rear & Sides

  • Mud Flaps are Available and In Good Condition

  • Break & Turn Indicators are Clean/Free of Debris

Miscellaneous - Non-Housekeeping Related (NOT COUNTED TOWARDS SCORE)

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