What is your first impression as you enter this area of the club?

Is the layout, initial presentation and feel both welcoming and representative of our brand?

Is this area Convenient for the member? Are the time critical things fully functional?

Locker availability is good. Lockers in use are by current users only – disciplined daily padlock chops are happening in line with the Operating Standard

Every locker has a hanger in place

Hairdryers (& hair stylers where applicable) are fully functioning and the correct number are available.

All hairdryers & stylers cables and casings are in good condition. Filters are free of dust. Hairdryers and Stylers cannot physically reach a sink

Toiletry dispensers are adequately filled - Soap, toilet paper and air freshener dispensers are
functioning, clean and are not empty

Towels are neatly stored and adequately stocked (Classic clubs)

Is this area safe and in a good state of repair?

Lighting - internal and external exits, corridors and lobby lighting is functioning but only switched on where natural light is inadequate or if other areas may be negatively affected

Temperature & Ventilation - the area is the correct temperature and humidity is maintained at a
comfortable level to accommodate the type of environment (as a guide 22° C)

Floors have no visible cracks or damage - floors are not greasy or slippery underfoot both when wet or dry

Walls & Surfaces are suitable for the intended purpose and free from ingrained staining or wear.

Ceilings should be in good condition with no cracks on tiles or roof area. Any roof fittings are not
damaged e.g. sprinkler systems, fire alarm, lights

Doors should be able to open and close fully and have no damage to materials or fixtures

Windows, glass and mirrors

Sharps Boxes - are wall mounted (not on the floor or free standing) and not more than 2/3rd's full

Sunbed units/rooms

Lockers and benches - including the padlock mechanism and hinges

Store rooms are locked

If any cleaning or maintenance is taking place in this area then the appropriate 'A' frame sign is being used to warn members of a wet/slippery floor, a trip hazard, hazardous substances or cleaning in
progress. Is the right equipment being used and no equipment or materials are left unattended?

Is this area clean and tidy?

Floors - should have no visible dust, dirt or marks

Walls - no dust on walls or skirting boards

Display cabinets are clean and the display meets our brand communication standards

Mirrors and glass.

Ceilings, lights fittings, vents and high level signage.

Bins are clean and not overflowing – including towel bins

Inside lockers are clean and no rubbish is left. There are no marks on the wood or shelves

Sunbed units/rooms

Lockers and benches - including under benches & on top of lockers

How are we communicating to the members in this area?

Branding & permanent signage – All logos, graphics and branded features are well presented
– Personal Property ‘disclaimer’ notice is in place and clearly visible. Statutory sunbed communication meets new Brand Standards for England, NI, Wales & Scotland)

Non essential stickers, banners, signage and posters – are limited and if used are in line with our
‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Notice boards – Notice boards are kept to a minimum and the content is branded and meets our
‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Background music and TV – Volume and content is appropriate.

Are our people in this area delivering ACTIVENESS?

Have you seen a member of the Membercare team in the club today?

Looking good - In the correct uniform with name badge.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.