• Does the Logistics Dept have documented objectives? (5) min (3)
    Observations = 3
    Non-conformance = 2

  • Is the objectives related to the companies overall objectives? (3) min (2)
    observations = 2
    non-conformance = 1

  • Has the objectives been implemented with the department? (4) min (2)
    observations =

  • Does the Logistics Manager review the objectives - and how? (3) min (2)

  • Is there a plan to implement the objectives? (3) min (2)

  • Does the objectives refer to the aspects of Quality, OHS, and the Environment? (3) min (1)

  • Is the objectives clear, easily understandable?(2) min (1)

  • Observations

  • Total leadership score

Training and resources

  • Has a training needs analysis been established for each specific job function within the Logistics Department? (4) min (4)

  • How often is the training needs analysis reviewed? (3) min (2)

  • Does the Logistics department have a training matrix? (3) min (3)

  • Does the training matrix contain information on what training is required, who needs to undergo the training, and when? (3) min (1)

  • Is there job descriptions for personnel in the Logistics Department? (3) min (3)

  • Has all employers been trained on the relevant job descriptions? (2) min (1)

  • How often is job descriptions reviewed? (2) min (1)

  • What resources are critical to the proper functioning of the Logistics Department? (3) min (2)

  • Does the Logistics Department have all the required resources? (3) min (2)

  • Total training and resources score

Continuous Improvement

  • As per objectives what areas has Logistics Manager identified for improvement? (4) min 2

  • Is there a plan in place for continuous improvement? (3) min 2

  • Total CI score

  • Signature of auditor:

  • Signature of Auditee:

  • Select date

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