• Maintenance - Monthly Room Check.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Room Number/Location:

  • Doors & Windows - Good condition, clean, free of defects & marks. Window restrictors in place & functional.

  • Decoration - Walls, carpets & furniture in good condition - note defects, marks, stains & scratches.

  • Lighting - All lighting functioning - replace bulbs, tubes as necessary.

  • Electricity - Sockets & appliances plugs free from defects.

  • Heating - Heating & thermostat fully functional

  • Nurse Call System - Functional check of Nurse call, ensuring indication on control panel

  • Bed Make:

  • Bed Rails Fitted:

  • Mattress:

  • Air Pump Number:

  • Bumpers:

  • Note Defects & planned repair.

En suite

  • D├ęcor - Floors, walls, ceiling in good condition, clean & free of defects.

  • Extractor - Fully functional, air flow adequate & vent clean.

  • Water Temps - Water temperatures taken from hot & cold water outlets, recorded (CW<20 deg C, HW <43 deg C)

  • Cold Water : Hot Water :

  • Sanitary ware - W/C, sink, shower in good condition, functional, free of leaks & blockages.

  • Empty Rooms - Hot & cold water points ran for 30 seconds.

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