• Audit Title

  • Facility Location

  • Conducted on

  • Personnel

Security & Emergency Planning

  • Facility Secure & Associates identified with ID Badge?

  • ID badges visible?

  • Emergency Action Plan Maps are prominently posted?

  • Exit doors can be opened from inside the facility without a key or special code in the event of an emergency?

  • Exit routes & doors are free from obstruction?

  • Nothing stored within 8 feet of exit doors

  • Fire Extinguishers are readily available and locations clearly identified?

  • Fire Extinguishers inspected monthly and documented on tags?

  • Severe Weather Shelters identified and clearly marked?

General Work Environment

  • Work areas adequately illuminated?

  • Work areas kept clean and orderly?

  • Aisles and passageways kept clear and accessible?

  • Is there safe clearance for walking in aisles where mechanical handling equipment is operated?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all associates in production areas wearing proper PPE (Safety Glasses and Safety Toe Shoes)?

  • Is PPE being used properly?

Lockout Tag out Try out (LOTOTO)

  • Do Associates working on or servicing equipment place safety locks on energy isolating devices?

  • Are Energy Isolation Lists developed and available?

Hand Tools & Equipment

  • Are tools and equipment used by associates maintained in good condition?

  • Are tools properly stored when not in use?

  • Are broken or damaged tools and equipment removed from service until repaired or replaced?

Machine Guarding

  • Is there sufficient clearance around and between machines for safe operation, servicing, material handling, and waste removal?

  • Is the Emergency Stop switch/button within reach of the Operator's position?

  • Are pulleys, belts, gears or other moving parts that could create a hazard within 7 feet of the floor properly guarded?

  • Is there adequate protection for the Operator and other Associates in the machine area from hazards created at the point of operation?

  • Are machine guards properly secured and require a tool for removal?

  • Do presses require 2 hands in order to operate? (2-hand palm button activation)

Hazard Communication

  • Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) available to Associates for chemicals within the workplace?

  • Are containers containing chemicals properly labeled?

  • Are flammable products kept in a closed Flammable Safety Cabinet when not in use?

Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Are Compressed Gas Cylinders legibly marked to identify the gas contained?

  • Are Compressed Gas Cylinders stored in areas protected from extreme heat and/or damage?

  • Are Compressed Gas Cylinders stored and transported in an upright and secured position?

  • Are Empty and Full cylinders identified and stored separately?

  • Are Oxygen cylinders stored separately from Fuel cylinders?


  • Are electrical cords, cables and wiring intact and secure?

  • Are electrical boxes, panels and conduit properly sealed and secured (no open knock-out holes / conduit is not pulled away from boxes or panels leaving exposed wiring)?

  • If exposed wiring or frayed cords are identified, are they repaired or replaced promptly?

  • Are disconnect switches and circuit breakers labeled to indicate their use or equipment serviced?

  • Are extension cords and multi-plug power strips used only as temporary power supply?

  • Electrical cabinet and panel doors kept securely closed.

  • Clearance of 3 feet maintained in front of electrical cabinets?

Material Handling

  • Are Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs) inspected at the beginning of each shift in which it will be used?

  • PIT inspection forms available upon request?

  • Are vehicles shut off and brakes set prior to being left unattended?

  • Are hand-trucks maintained in safe operating condition?

  • Are eyewash stations available at battery charging/handling locations?

  • Are materials and product stacked securely?

  • Items stored in racks above 7 feet from the ground properly stacked and wrapped or banded?

Hoists, Cranes & Rigging

  • Are Hoists & Cranes labeled as to capacity legible from the Operator's location?

  • Are stops provided at the safe limits of travel for trolley hoists?

  • Are hooks on hoists & cranes self-locking or provided with a safety latch?

  • Are slings, chains, and other rigging immediately removed from service if found to be damaged?

Respiratory Protection

  • Are associates wearing respiratory protection equipment properly trained and using equipment properly?

  • Proper use, care & maintenance of respiratory protection being enforced?

  • Are regular inspections and evaluations performed to determine continued effectiveness of the program?

Environmental Protection

  • Secondary Containment provided under drums of chemicals, oil, etc.?

  • Chemicals, Oil, and other products that could harm the environment not stored outside not under roof?

  • Chemicals properly disposed of?

  • Nothing stored or left outside that could contaminate storm water run-off?

Facility Exterior

  • Perimeter fence in good condition?

  • Gates closed and secured?

  • No Trespassing signage in place and legible?

  • Exterior grounds maintained in clean and orderly condition?

Break room, Locker room & Restroom facilities

  • Break room maintained in a clean and sanitary condition?

  • Appropriate supplies available?

  • Locker rooms maintained in a clean and sanitary condition?

  • Appropriate supplies available?

  • Restroom facilities maintained in a clean and sanitary condition?

  • Appropriate supplies available?


  • Any findings not covered by other sections?

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