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  • Are first aid kits well stocked?

  • Is the first aid station labeled with a sign and easily accessible to all employees?

  • Are eyewash stations being checked monthly and signed off on?

  • Is there an emergency eye wash kit/station and is the expiration date on it current?

  • Is there a Bloodborne Pathogen Kit?


  • Is there a fire extinguisher sign above each extinguisher?

  • Look on the extinguisher tag; is the date that is punched within one year of today’s date?

  • Look on the back of the extinguisher tag; has someone been initialing the tag once a month?

  • Do the fire extinguishers have at least 36” of clearance in front of them?

  • Is the fire escape plan posted so all employees and visitors can see it?


  • Are aisles and walkways clear of product and garbage that could cause a tripping hazard?

  • Are the following areas clean: office, break room, bathrooms and warehouse?

  • Are stairs accessible, clean and clear?

  • Is the overall housekeeping of the plant/facility in good shape? (i.e. under machinery, glue spills, etc.)


  • Does each exit door have an exit sign on or above it?

  • If the exit sign is capable of being lit up, is the light working?

  • Are all exit doors open from the inside during business hours?

  • Are all exits clear of product and not blocked?

  • Open each door, are all doors very easy to open?


  • Do all step ladders have safety feet and do all rolling ladders have a working brake?

  • Are all ladders aluminum or fiber glass?

  • Are ladders in good working condition; no cracks, no bends, feels sturdy?

  • Are unused ladders stored/secured out of the way?

  • Have ladders been inspected monthly?


  • Is there an "extra" supply of replacement PPE on-hand?

  • Is PPE being used and inspected for damage?


  • Are flammables and combustibles stored separately at the end of the shift?

  • Are bottles and chemicals all identifiable by reading a label?

  • Does facility have an SDS book?

  • Is the location of the book posted and accessible to all employees?

  • Ask an employee to show you where the SDS book is located; can he/she tell you?


  • If there is machinery, are the Lockout/Tagout procedures posted on the machine?

  • Are the Lockout/Tagout devices stored correctly?

  • Does each air compressor nozzle have an OSHA approved nozzle (hole on the tip)?

  • Is everything stacked on top of each other stacked straight and appear to be sturdy? (i.e. Insulation Rolls, boxes, facing, etc.)

  • Are jobs/tasks done with ergonomics in mind?

  • Are all guards on equipment in place and fucntional?


  • Are only trained employees operating the forklifts?

  • Are propane cylinders in a locked cabinet outside or chained up in a secure place?

  • Are dock plates used when loading or unloading vehicles?

  • Are trucks and trailers secured (chocked) from movement during loading and unloading?

  • Are the forklift’s safety features operational? (i.e. back-up alarm, horn, brake lights, headlights (if equipped), current fire extinguisher, and seat belt and being worn)

  • Are the forklift inspections being done on a daily basis?


  • Are the state and federal signs hung up in a common area for everyone to see?


  • Are all outlets/switches free of damage?

  • Do all breaker boxes have at least 36” of clearance in front of them?

  • Inspect all extension cords, are they free of frays and tape?

  • Is there a ground plug on the end of each cord? (3 prongs)


  • Is all of the racking bolted to the floor?

  • Are all uprights straight and in good condition?

  • Does racking have load ratings and do cross members have a pin in place to prevent accidental upward movement?

  • Are the lighter items stored on top and the heavier items on the bottom?

  • Are Poly and Facing rolls properly strapped and chocked per Bay guidelines?


  • Are the company trucks / vehicles in good operating condition?

  • Do all company trucks have a current fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and emergency roadside equipment? (i.e. flares, 3 triangles, fuses)


  • Is the Property Manager taking care of the building and the surrounding infrastructure issues?

  • Are loading docks in good condition?

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