• Have all staff signed on at start of shift?

  • Do all staff have their required ID's/Certificates?

  • Are all staff wearing the correct uniform?

  • Are all staff wearing the required/mandatory site specific PPE?

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  • Have staff interviewed been site inducted and is it recorded on the Training Matrix?

  • Have staff been trained in all the tasks they are expected to undertake and is it recorded on the Training Matrix?

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Health and Safety Documentation

  • Are risk assessments and method statements available and up to date for tasks taking place?

  • Are Manual Handling Assessments available and up to date?

  • Are COSHH assessments available for all substances being used?

  • Are these documents signed and dated?

Health and Safety General

    Is there Eye Wash on site?

  • Are there sufficient Bio-hazard Kits on site and appropriate places to store the bio hazardous waste?

  • Is the site file in good condition with all documents in the correct place according to the index?

  • Were staff aware of the fire and emergency evacuation procedures?

  • Are adequate welfare facilities available on site and are staff using them?

  • Is there suitable first aid arrangements on site to cover all staff and all work types?

  • Is there a fire risk assessment for all ISS controlled areas?

Powered Equipment

  • Has all electrical equipment a valid PAT label?

  • Is there an up to date PAT register?

  • Is equipment being used correctly?

  • Is equipment well maintained and in good working order?

  • Is there a record of faults reported and corrective actions taken for powered equipment?

  • Is faulty equipment suitably identified and removed from service?

General Equipment

  • Is all equipment considered to be fit for purpose?

  • Is equipment well maintained and in good working order?

  • Is all equipment kept in suitable and accessible storage areas?

  • Is the correct ISS Transport colour coding system being followed

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  • Are all chemicals and materials stored securely with bunding included if environmental risk is posed?

  • Are all chemicals and material stores covered on the fire risk assessment?

Undertaking Tasks

  • Are staff aware of the danger from the site specific hazards? (OEL's, Live Rails, Vehicle Movements, etc)

  • Are staff aware of the procedures in place to protect them from the site specific hazards? (Isolation, Not to be Moved Boards, Airside Checks etc)

  • If ISS is involved in the above protection procedures; Are they trained? Can they demonstrate competence? Is this recorded on the Training Matrix?

  • Do the operatives have the correct certification for their duties/tasks?

  • Are staff working in accordance with the method statement?

  • Are operatives disposing of waste water in the correct drain?

  • Are operatives aware of the ISS Transport colour coding and using the correct colour for the task?

  • Are operatives using correct signage?

  • Is all task specific PPE available and being worn?

  • Are operatives using the correct equipment for the task?

Personnel File

  • Are training records available for staff interviewed and are records up to date?

  • Do training records match information on training matrix?

  • Are sign-off slips for all staff Health and Safety, Term's and Condition's and Drug's and Alcohol policy available?

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  • Additional Photo Evidence

  • Details of none conformances to be recorded here including who will rectify and by when.

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