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Procedures and Systems:

  • 1. Has a Manual Handling Risk Assessment been completed for this task? And were the employees consulted as part of the process?

Competency and Understanding:

  • 2. Is there evidence of relevant inductions and competency if applicable? E.g. job and task specific manual handling training, equipment training and competency including the use of mechanical aids.


  • 3. Has the load been made safe to manoeuvre or handle? E.g. the securing of movable parts, consideration of the nature of the load, objects cleared from path to avoid trip hazards.

  • 4. Has the area been checked to ensure clear path during handling phase? E.g. stepping-over or over-reaching.

  • 5. Is the correct PPE used for the task? E.g. gloves

Handling Principles:

  • 6. Does the handler have a wide base of support?

  • 7. Does lifting and manoeuvring take place within base of support? E.g. is the load or equipment close to the handler’s body.

  • 8. Are the knees unlocked for lifting, pushing and pulling? E.g. dip and drive techniques.

  • 9. Does the handler move and position their feet to avoid twisting?

  • 10. Does the handler maintain a neutral spine during the task?

Handling on Stairs:

  • 11. Are three points of contact maintained on stairs whilst carrying? E.g. hand on rail.

  • 12. Is ascent and decent free from trip hazards? E.g. loose items.

  • 13. Is stair descent steady and controlled?

  • 14. Is the handler looking at each step during ascent and decent?

Human Factors and Behaviours:

  • 15. Are safe behaviours being demonstrated e.g. not complacent, distracted or rushing?

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